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Individual Equipment - FSC 8465

Musette Bags; Duffel Bags; Ammunition Belts; Pistol Belts; Handcuffs; Packboards; Sleeping Bags; Knapsacks; Hikers' Packs; Sunglasses; Skis; Snowshoes; Swords With Scabbards.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Suspenders, Individual Equipment A-A-55177
Carrier, Intrenching Tool MIL-C-43683
Frame, Field Pack MILS43835
Shelf, Cargo Support MIL-F-43834
Strap, Webbing 8465-00-001-6477
Cover, Field Pack, Camouflage MIL-C-43830
Field Pack MIL-F-43833
Field Pack MIL-F-43832
Case, Small Arms Ammunition MIL-C-28981
Belt, Individual Equipment MIL-B-43826
Belt, Individual Equipment MIL-B-43826
Belt, Military Police 59AP
Carrier, Key-whistle B72
Strap Kit, Involuntary Restraint 698-40549
Strap, Involuntary, Restraint 6006-2800 NAT
Belt, Individual Equipment 243899
Bag, Mail Carrier's DWG293
Bag, Mail Carrier's
Bag, Mail Carrier's
Bag, Mail Carrier's
Bag, Mail Carrier's
Bag, Mail Carrier's
Sleeping Bag NFES 1062
Canteen, Water NFES 1063
Survival Kit, Individual MIL-S-8642
Canteen, Water NFES 0037
Carrier, Flashlight B89
Bag, Personal Effects 25
Cover, Water Canteen 8465-00-118-4956
Bag, Laundry A-A-3079
Bag, Laundry A-A-3079
Bag, Laundry A-A-3079
Bag, Laundry 8465-00-122-3869
Pail, Plastic Collapsible NFES 0141
Canteen, Water 68C35027
Bag, Signal Equipment, Waterproof MIL-B-10930
Field Pack AP752011
Case, Small Arms Ammunition MIL-C-43765
Personnel Identification Band Ki MIL-P-43740
Goggles, Sun, Wind And Dust MIL-G-635
Sunglasses MILS475
Belt, Individual Equipment MILB1708
Suspenders, Individual Equipment MILF3392C
Suspenders, Individual Equipment JQD 28C
Cup, Water Canteen 11655983
Bag, Personal Effects 8465-00-0808
Club, Self-protection RI
Survival Kit, Individual MIL-S-44095
Leg Bands, High Visibility 8465-00-177-4975
Sleevelets, High Visibility 8465-00-177-4976
Armbands, High Visibility 8465-00-177-4977
Carrier, Chemical Mace Cartridge C116-6-230
Cover, Waterproof, Multipurpose MIL-C-1997
Cover, Waterproof, Multipurpose MIL-C-1997
Cover, Waterproof, Multipurpose MIL-C-1997
Cover, Waterproof, Multipurpose MIL-C-1997
Sling, Bag And Case Carrying
Field Pack 8465-00-205-3493
Pail, Collapsible MIL-P-10018
Lace, Sleeping Bag Case MILC707
Sleeping Bag Case MILC707
Megaphone, Hand MIL-M-1263
Megaphone, Hand MIL-M-1263
Climbers, Ski BQD 44B
Creepers, Ice A-A-55124
Laces, Ski Repair MILR43207
Tag, Identification, Personnel A-A-55305
Sleeping Bag MILS830E
Sleeping Bag MIL-S-830
Handcuffs A-A-52113
Leg Irons A-A-52113
Pail, Collapsible MILB10906
Pad, Shoulder, Packboard MILP1814
Goggles, Variable Density MILG252
Goggles, Laser Protective F58440792
Pocket, Ammunition Magazine MILP1671
Whistle, Ball A-A-55106
Mattress, Pneumatic MILM10747
Packboard Back MIL-P-10941
Packboard MIL-P-10941
Harness, Man's Sled MIL-H-3697
Pocket, Ammunition Magazine MIL-P-2343C
Thong, Emergency KKL201
Liner, Field Pack MIL-L-43720
Pocket, Ammunition Magazine MIL-P-17863
Carrier, Self-protection Club MIL-C-20267
Carrier, Intrenching Tool MILC1520
Carrier, Pick Mattock MILC10896
Bag, Ammunition MILB10042C
Case, Field First Aid Dressing-un MILC2370
Carrier, Grenade MILC1574
Necklace, Personnel Identificatio 8465-00-261-6629
Bag, Clothing A-A-55092
Pocket, Ammunition Magazine 74P142-35
Bladder, Flotation MIL-B-20278
Case, Shotgun Ammunition MILC1690
Lanyard, Individual Equipment Car 8465-00-262-5237
Packboard MIL-P-10941
Carrier, Self-protection Club MIL-C-17841

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