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Mini And Micro Computer Control Devices - FSC 7042

Mini Or Micro Computers Used As Control Mechanisms Where Computer Technology Is Essential In Controlling, Monitoring, Measuring, And Directing Processes, Devices, Instruments Or Other Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Computer 4276
Control Logic Assem 2887769
Computer L3212D
Microprocessor H-0001-01A
Micro Computer Assy 0015554-01
Central Processing Unit, Analog 520C-1102
Computer, Elevation 31-052170-04
Computer, Data Collection GT3-2300
Computer, Data Collection HH3-2300
Control, Computer Programmer CCUE-PC
Computer, Correction 5811818
Control, Computer Programmer A11-00029112
Control, Computer Programmer 98-0312
Control, Computer Programmer 6418
Control, Computer Programmer AXT-MLC
Computer, Azimuth V8300
Controller-monitor SW721A-R2
Control, Computer Programmer 200-0236
Control Unit 9490-M32
Computer, Azimuth 9333103371
Control, Computer Programmer 80626-740
Ac Drive ACS401601122
Module Assembly Vme H851-2051-A9VN
Module Assy Vme H851-2031-A9VN
Module, Assy, Vme 462-7108557-A9VN
Micro Hub 433D8013-1