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Adp Support Equipment - FSC 7035

Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Box Indicator, Computer 2200014
Probe, Adapter Tool 453048
Interface, Power Aid 5496935
Box Adapter 9900434
Processor, Perforated Tape DL230
Stiffener 203818
Remote Display Unit SP350DB
Remote Display Unit SP350DB355
Head, Magnetic Dc Erase 7903370-00
Controller, Computer 13181A
Encoder CAY599
Spring Retainer 40421
Stacker, Shaft Assembly 226006
Stop, Card 40281
Cam, Eccentric 28872
Head Assembly, Read-write 136833
Roller, Picker 296694
Rack, Storage, Data Tape 4862-86
Step 40475
Retainer, Card Stop 40280
Control Assembly, Top 10373
Converter-storer Subassembly 9989320
Kit, Conversion 370860
Pinion Shaft, Wheel Assembly 52571-1
Lever, Lifting 52802-1
Control, Disk Drive Unit RK11CA
Data Transmission 7018300-00
Panel, Computer Cont 7025050-00
Housing 203694
Offset Roller Brack A14539A
Armature 300721
Programmer, Electronic Command Si 139550-02
Cabinet, Key Punch 806
Comparator Tape Totalizer SP2
Kit, Installation RFMK313
Programmer, Microcircuit G321000
Dual Digitizer SN398PARENGYK9V
Brake Assembly, Pull 530704
Card Pack Assembly MCA1-10
Adapter 204302-201
Brush Block Assembly B43-057
Control Unit 2821-2
Switching Unit 2814-1
Tape Drive And Control 2403-2
Rod, Adjusting 56460-1
Head Assembly, Read-write 02748-6003
Data Routing 2114A
Head Assembly 208778
Lens, Countdown Control 4911289-01
Encoder, Automatic D 13-501A9
Chad Chute 601468-1
Converter-storer, Signal Data CV2852A/AP
Console, Control-ind OA7385A/GYK-9(V)
Control Unit, Magnet C-6573A/GYK-9(V)
Control, Display Ter DIDS402-2M10
Window, Gear Case 133705
Panel, Patching, Programming PB1020-2
Accumulator Module 21504-4-1
Counter Module 21505-4-1
Error Bypass Module 21516-4-1
Detector Module 21570-4-1
Detector Module 21569-4-1
Time Base Module 21555-4-3
Tractor Assy 152-02790C
Tractor Assy TA310C
Lamp Source, Encoder 3-15298-001
Converter Assembly, Digital 373318-1
Transmitter, Digital Data 4971-540-306Q
Transmitter, Digital Data 4971-660HZ
Encoder-tape Punch, Digital Data DC1JRA
Coupler, Controller 2570A
Head, Read DW129601A
Head, Split Write DR129607A
Guide Assembly Tape 377000
Control Unit, Dectape TC11
Controller, Computer PDP11-26-20K
Receiver-transmitter, Digital Dat 10664450-610A
Tape Winder W2
Throat Knife 40474
Head, Reproducing, Magnetic Tape 3113269-01
Printer, Line 102369
Head, Magnetic 83-5950-0659
Head, Magnetic 83-5950-0942
Digital Data Set 7200
Capstan Motor Assembly 07975-60110
Brake Assembly, Perforator 398050
Retainer, Spring, Car 374730
Converter-storer, Signal Data 456-954
Head, Magnetic 102447
Spool-tape Cleaner WT
Encoder, Digital 12-500-1
Gear Encoder 2993575
Cabinet, Control Panel Storage 806
Rack, Card, Sorting And Storage
Rack, Storage, Data Tape 4805DL
Rack, Storage, Data Tape 4831-01
Cable With Ckt Card 0N149407-1
Cable With Ckt Card 0N149407-2
Cable With Ckt Card 0N149408-1

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