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Adpe System Configuration - FSC 7010

Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Data Processing Shop Facility V460MYK8V
Rocker Assembly 102919
Computer System, Digital SDSSIGMA5
Computer Set 7073250-20
Plate, Index 502290
Pipe, Fiber Optic 502120-2
Pipe, Fiber Optic 502120-1
Limit Stop Subassembly 2877090-1
Limit Stop Subassembly 2877090-3
Kit, Mode Selector Switch, Input-o 7073230-03
Compiling Set BSTASN63
Converter Repeater 71E1N100
Disk, Decorative Drive Capstan 530946
Data Acquisition System 9600A
Computer Set 7073250-42
Circuit Board 44P0004-002
Circuit Board 44P0020-003
Circuit Board 44P0303-001
Circuit Board 44P0009-002
Circuit Board 44P0010-002
Circuit Board 44P0011-002
Circuit Board 44P0012-002
Circuit Board 44P0267-000
Circuit Board 44P0272-002
Circuit Board 44P0025-002
Circuit Board 44P0185-001
Kit, Electrical Connector 7214384-01
Circuit Board 44P0023-002
Recording System, Th DG5510-841
Computer Test 645040-1
Computer Test 667079-1
Module, Simulator 586-056
Cable Connector, Computer M957
Test Board, Computer M968
Cam Control, Computer 10201
Ribbon Mask Support 206151-1
Screen, Computer U103FD
Indicator, Computer 5711081
Accounting System, Fuel And Oil D MMEPD304
Power Supply Subassembly 7101990-00
Shaft, Roller AA2224
Extender, Printed Board 2024
Extender, Printed Board 953-112-001
Keytop, Keyboard 100479
Optical Scanning System 100DM
Interface Cable Assembly 7133909-01
Choke, Capacitor Ass 7134945-00
Test Set, Printer 6702A22
Contact-operator 1053057
Tape, Cr, 16 Inch 1055343
Limiter, Expander 090-32213-01ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-01ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-02ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-03ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-04ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 900-32214-05ISSUE3
Level Selector Unit 090-32219-01ISSUE3
Converter Unit 090-32220-01ISSUE3
Detector, Error 900-32229-01ISSUE3
Indicator, Error 900-32231-01ISSUE2
Storage Divider 900-32236-01ISSUE2
Extention Unit 900-32241-01REV1
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-06ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-07ISSUE3
Discriminator Unit 090-32214-08ISSUE3
Header, Multiple 137-12484-09ISSUE15
Pawl, Ribbon Reverse 1054260
Pawl, Ribbon Reverse 1054258
Selector Slide Asse 1043250
Cam Connecting Link 1040995
Board Connector 254971
Brace 53146-01
Board Assembly 7003250-00
Module, Clamp 516149G1
Module, Variable Diver 513244G1
Module, Operational 516156G1
Trigger, Flashtube 30021-01
Decoupling Module 001516-701
Limit Stop Assembly 2877090-2
Card Assembly Logic 40015222
Logic Li 40015227
Logic, Lf 40017428
Parity Generator 40018408
Card Extractor Memory Upper And 7134954-00
Terminal, Automated 1000105
Terminal, Automated 1000115
Termianl, Automated 1000106
Terminal, Automated 1000109
Terminal, Automated 1000119
Matts Interface 8043-2
Data Acquisition System 10120
Terminal, Automated 1000117
Terminal, Automated 1000108
Terminal, Automated 1000118
Automatic Mass Measurement Syste MLLM-133
Circuit Card And Cable Assembly 7101963-00
Cam Follower 3007288-00
Insert 3170975-02
Insert 3170975-03

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