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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: Sep 16, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Buffer Block 985400E10041
Block, Arm Latch 985400E60004-1
Housing, Latch 985400E10035
Simulator, Flux Valv LT4626-01-01
Module, Servo, Elevation, I 054-6D000
Switch Indicator MMTLC1F3W
Indicator Simulated 475256
Indicator Simulated 475252
Indicator Simulated 490134
Generator, Pulse, Controllabel Wid 476321
Generator, Noise, Random Low Frequ 476322
Trainer, Fuel System, Vehicular 53E090003-21
Parts Kit, Cylinder Hydraulic 638372
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line LS3-1 1-2X3N0NCUSHI0NED
Tape, Recorder Drive 101375
Armature, Solid 110-0004
Drum-resistance Assembly 625231
Loadmeter, Generator 422239
Loadmeter Ac Bus, Si 422240
Indicator Simulated 422234
Indicator Simulated 422237
Card Assembly, Circu 10044
Drum Assembly, Servo 41302
Drum Assembly, Servo 41314
Drum Assembly, Servo 41315
Drum Assembly, Servo 41484
Coupling Assembly, C 41511
Shaft, Idler Gear 4171
Chassis Assembly, Ph 50299
Potentiometer Assem 50368
Servo Assembly, Roll 50394
Shaft, Gear Recordin 55653
Power Supply 107746
Indicator Simulated 505754
Trainer, Landing 53E098796-1
Trainer, Ejection Seat 53E098925-1
Trainer, Fuel System, Vehicular 53E098905-1
Indicator, Sensitive 243584
Meter Mechanism, Rate Of Turn 245-001-0032
Device, Control Unit 772-5322-001
Oscillator Subassembly 689550
Roller, Mach Number Cursor 297317
Servomechanism, Hori 620016
Cap, Cylinder, Hydraulic P15-24-17
Head, Cylinder Hydraulic B14-24-05-8
Follower, Threaded A13-24-1
Follower, Plain A13-24-2
Modulator, Signal Generator 546486
Bellows Assembly, In 235066
Panel Assy 81007
Panel, Auxiliary And Student Lock 55D64136-2
Brake, Disc N28227
Punch Head Assembly 224540
Indicator Simulated 561-738
Range Gear Drum 34-193-1
Pinch Roller B13954-2
Frequency Unit, Recorder 11263-3
Illuminator Assembl 501319-816
Actuator, Switch 154-002-0
Indicator Simulated 623613
Parts Kit, Field Ove 051-KR013-175
Trainer Subassembly K663190044
Mirror, Tracer A80A249-1
Transmission, Electric 95E1049-1
Differential, Mechanical A34A97-1
Roller, Drive A75C2480-1
Transformer Gap Assembly A91C9101-1
Gearshaft Assembly A91B6813-1
Rotor Assembly A91B4151-1
Trainer, Flight Simulator 4027838-1
Trainer, Electrical Power System, 53E090005-11
Trainer, Ejection Seat 53E090007-11
Trainer, Central Air Assembly, Dat 53E090010-11
Trainer, Variable Air Intake Asse 53E090016-11
Trainer, Parabrake Unit 53E090019-11
Encoder, Eleven Track, Simulator 222-12
Buffer, Amplifier B586449
Trainer, Dilbert Dun 9U44B
Pen Assembly, Right 59506
Electronic Subassem GS019-023-101
Demodulator Assembl GS019-006-101
Cam, Step 59571
Nand Pack B419145
Amplifier, Power PA35
Electronic Subassem 710093
Electronic Subassem 710092
Electronic Subassem 710091
Trainer, Instrument And Flight Di 53E090004-1
Electronic Subassembly 480184
Tape, Recorder Drive 80153
Trainer, Mechanical Accessories S 53E090025-41
Control, Computer 623642
Gear And Dial Assembly 570A460-714-105
Gear And Dial Assembly 570A460-716-107
Dial Mechanism, Peri 229310
Dial Mechanism, Periphery 10.00 T 229311
Differential, Mechan 229351
Indicator Simulated 392370
Arm, Pivot Indicator 475346
Inclinometer, Simulated 491484

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