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Pressure, Temperature, And Humidity Measuring And Controlling Instruments - FSC 6685

Thermometers, Including Engine Thermometers; Pressure Gages; Thermocouple Leads; Resistance Bulbs.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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Control, Totalizer N556667-2-310
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 460R
Transducer, Absolut DHF404212
Positioner Assembly 1842
Control, Ratio Fuel 1803-01
Control, Ratio Relay 30240
Control, Relay Rever 10044PCS31T51
Control, Positioner 1892 MODEL 30347
Control, Positioner 1891
Indicator, Humidity, Plug 680000
Case 476-022-005
Control, Amplifier Relay 1869
Damper Actuator, Assembly 1813
Control, Positioner 10044PCS1T28
Control, Valve 1801
Chamber, Pressure, Low 277337
Control, Maximum Signal 50683-01
Control, Valve 1866
Cup-u X-72552-00
Cell And Housing Assembly SC5012
Gage, Differential, Dial Indicatin 19576
Thermometer, Indicating, Capillary 379217
Element And Tube T800-1003
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 2422060PC13
Gage, Pressure 220-4S
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 2415800
Dampener, Fluid Pressure 2283060
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 10P1-4PM
Gage, Differential, Dial Indicatin 19ECXXX0100E5XXXXX02
Hygrometer, Dial Indicating 612X9HT1E16L
Gage, Compound Pressure-vacuum, Di 2415799
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 2422060PC14
Thermocouple 2500G48M
Gage, Compound Pressure-vacuum, Di 1000
Gage, Differential, Dial Indicatin 20BCXXX0XX5E1BBXXX01
Thermostat, Flow Control DVN26H
Motor Plate Assembly, Gear Train 9A1016
Gage, Discharge Pres 117933A
Gage, Suction Pressu 117951
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 32PS298
Gage, Differential, Dial Indicatin 2050
Indicator, Humidity, Card 253423-1-1
Capsule Assembly, Bourdon Tube 177811-0015-0-100INHGA
Transmitter, Pressure 732-452-9002
Transmitter, Pressure 102626
Thermostat, Flow Control M2-2-1F055-03-05-2-2
Gage, Pressure 1377DXRBTDGS
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 1170053
Indicator, Pressure RC790UH07Z
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 247ASC1857-001
Manometer, Test Stand 1025JX100-1
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating D10004-43
Pyrometer, Optical MR150AFMH
Recorder, Temperature D2000-16
Gage, Absolute Pressure, Dial Indi 61A1A0150
Indicator, Humidity, Plug MILI26860
Gage, Receiver Pressure, Pneumatic 60-1377AXPR3-27M12P12
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating EE28-3RB4-LWBX, 0/30
Hygrometer, Dial Indicating, Elect 2000
Tester, Pyrometer And Thermocoupl K150-4C
Thermostat, Flow Control 170
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 15ABXXX0X30E1AXXXX02
Gage Assy, Air A768-210-6
Gage Assy, Air A768-210-20
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating E-502/LK10
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 2184869-1
Thermometer, Indicating, Capillary 2416894
Indicator, Temperature, Electrical 162B2G
Indicator, Temperature, Electrical 147B31A3-1
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating SK1007-1003
Thermocouple, Specia 2974
Transmitter, Temperature, Electric 56B3A8
Thermostat, Flow Control 206816B
Pyrometer, Indicating ISE12
Plate, Support 2514-118
Gage, Vacuum, Special J001-010
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating BA132PJ4RWS
Thermostat, Flow Control 237-D-54
Adapter Kit, Calibration System 3514-27-1
Thermocouple, Contact 5001M38P2
Thermometer, Indicating, Capillary 81025
Humidistat HE6800-6
Thermometer, Self-indicating, Bime 2264405
Indicator, Temperature, Electrical 1511579
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 45-1246P33BXWD14
Indicator, Temperature, Card 414-320F
Indicator, Humidity, Plug 1328B12
Transmitter, Pressure 949972-1-1
Transmitter, Pressure 949974-1-1
Control, Temperature, Indicating F7B01M9B
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating A51H9029-1
Thermostat, Flow Control 527-D-7
Thermometer, Indicating, Capillary M27-400
Gage 125IY
Gage 410IY
Thermocouple, Immersion 4434255 PIECE 37
Indicator, Temperature, Synchro 442412
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 444446D
Transmitter, Pressure 477206-8
Transmitter, Pressure 477273-1003301

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