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Meteorological Instruments And Apparatus - FSC 6660

Meteorological Ballons; Radiosonde Sets; Radarsonde Sets.
Last Modified: Sep 16, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Disc Centering Assy 1147455-1
Baroswitch 214C40-1-29
Module, Digital Indicator H2021C/2
Readout Assembly 708861-01
Shaft Assembly SMB198227
Plate And Adapter FGP151BNN914
Support, Wood SC-C-84307
Baroswitch 1142800
Handle, Anemometer 1749-11
Handle, Psychrometer SC-A-20631
Mounting, Bracket 205
Bottle And Cap FU-3333
Swivel And Link Ass SCA20635
Disc 103756
Shaft 104199
Counter 202260
Prism 6061-63
Support, Precipitation Gage D405-1
Wormshaft A6605
Bobbin, Dewprobe SSP129Z018
Bobbin, Retreatment SSP129Z004
Generator 21709
Wind Sock SMC376007
Duct Assembly SCDL87919
Shaft WC400
Transmitter Group, Humidity-tempe A15034-1
Meter Assembly SMC367331
Pen, Recorder Assembly 6405D
Pen, Direction Assembly 10543
Pen, Direction Assembly 10544
Scale, Wind Speed 14726-2
Scale, Wind, Geostrophic-gradient R-352-2
Recorder, Wind Speed 12480B
Take-up Roll Assembly 6647C
Take-up Assembly 6621-2C
Rotor 1136482-1
Roller Shaft Assembly 1134337
Disk, Roller 1134336
Gear Assembly 1134450
Kit, Instrument, Fire 9X300
Temperature Element, Resistance, M 347C366H02
Element Assy, Resis 4269-419
Amplifier Assy, Radi 4269-541
Spacer, Tape Bracket 371B152
Anch0r Base V978
Plate, Line 9159B5-524
Clip, Chart H0lding 8570-2
Gear Set, Chart Dri 5572-5573-2
Measuring Set, Temperature-dew Po MILM27937A
Thermostat And Link Assembly 489-1601
Barometer, Aneroid 2230
Ink, Special, Recording 11290A
Board Assy, Module 1141842-1
Module, Pulse Gate 1141885
Support Detector 64A78D1
Altimeter-barometer, Aneroid 2075F
Detector, Wind Direction And Spee 1135924-1
Transmitter, Wind Direction And S 1135925
Electronic Power Su 6-054
Anemometer 8500
Graphic Recorder G11A
Wind Sock C549
Computer, Meteorlogical Mixing Ra 1136631
Indicator, Wind Speed 1135513
Mounting Generator SMC279769
Platen, Writing 900045
Probe Assy, Voltmete 145AS126
Sight Blade 6061-670
Gear Assembly SCB87762
Sprocket Wheel Asse SCB87765
Weight, Reflector Ba SCB87761
Counterweight R630B21T
Window, Observation GW335
Bezel Assembly, Programmer 08024-1
Plate, Connector Mounting 708831-01
Handle 3H2490-9
Module, Numeric Readout 710-0301-025
Outer Shield Assemb G71M003
Plate, Connector Mounting 708831-02
Roller, Pressure 9140C2-280A
Contact, Marking K210E4454
Gear Assembly, Cluster 9251-6-627A
Freq Standard, Refer AEC2156
Freq Divider, Audio AEC2157
Recorder, Weather Data A610C
Switch, Sunshine, Photoelectric 044-1421
Support, Theodolite 450-011
Reflector, Lamp SMB531671
Sensor, Temperature ML641GMQ29
Stylus Belt, Recorder Head 9300-1-120
Power Head, Assembly SSP129Z011
Roll, Feed 9208F6-617
Pulley Assembly, Tension 9251-9-930A
Direction Mechanism 14423
Preamplifier Assy 2064542-0501
Power Supply 2083945-0004
Cleaner, Element Air PP81934
Drive Shaft, Shoulde SH81150
Psychrometer Tube 524078-2
Psychrometer Tube 524360-2

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