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Geophysical Instruments - FSC 6655

Geodetic, Oceanographic And Seismographic Instruments.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

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Messenger, For Nanse 60-59AA
Solar Cell 5050E9PL
Bathythermograph 0C1DS
Bathythermograph 0C2DS
Bathythermograph 0C3DS
Shifter 69525
Plate 69557
Side Plate 58261
Shaft 58344
Band, Cable Marriag 3-7237AND2-6347
Band, Cable Marriage 3-7237AND2-6347
Band, Cable Marriag 3-7237AND2-6347
Storage Box, Marriag 4-7214
Band, Marriage Cabl 3-7237AND2-6347
Shifter 69526
Indicator, Magnetic Variation 2371876G1
Bag, Intrusion Detec SP430
Indicator, Magnetic Variation 500203
Probe, Bathythermogr XBT7
Chart Paper 212779-1
Chart Paper CP61986
Stuffing Tube Assy 210460-2
Chart Paper 212778-1
Probe, Bathythermogr XBT5
Recorder, Bathythermograph Data 3207-1156
Bathythermograph 0C2AS
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 8768-11
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 8768-12
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 150C20
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 150C40
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 8768-8
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 150C30
Thermal Unit, Bathythermograph FU2626
Thermal Element, Bathythermograph 150C17
Thermal Element, Bathythermograph FU2604
Grid Holder, Recording Slide, Bath 8536
Bellows, Bathythermograph 218704-12
Thermal Element, Bathythermograph 8725-137
Housing, Core, Bathythermograph Bl 150C50
Slide, Recording, Bathythermograph FP6072
Guard Stabilizer, Bathythermograp 150C60
Guard Stabilizer, Bathythermograp FU2638
Core, Thermal Element, Bathythermo 8768-5
Arm, Recorder Pen FU2634
Tips, Arcer 26183-01-01
Puller, Archer Cable 26169-01-02
Converter Assy 32071212
Probe Body B10002
Slide, Recording, Bathythermograph SLIDEREC0RDING
Recorder, Bathythermograph Data 213007-1
Launcher, Bathytherm MX8577SSQ61
Paper Assy 3207-1235
Wire Angle Indicator 322WA100
Thermal Element, Bathythermograph GU2993
Tiltmeter, Ground LW73-18
Body Assembly FU2635ISSUE3A
Nose, Sleeve FP5897ISSUEE
Housing, Gear 126D18
Lever 126A28
Catch, Bathythermograph FP-5960
Stylus Lifter, Bathythermograph 8768-4
Ratchet, Brake 126A24
Guard BTW93
Link, Connecting 1374-3017
Head, Bathythermograph FU-2998
Window Cover Assembly FP5874
Meter, Multiscale ME253U
Bathythermograph 150C19
Bathythermograph 150C49
Bathythermograph 150C29
Launcher, Baththermo MX8416SSQ60
Depth Element, Bathythermograph 58850-1
Seismograph S13
Test Cannister 210431-1
Cap Recorder Roller 310357-00-4
Cap Recorder Roller 310353-00-9
Cap Recorder Roller 313660-00-0
Recorder, Detecting 58206-301
Roller, Idler 3207-1025
Reel Assy 3207-1029
Shaft And Pully Ass 3207-1081
Bracket Assy-gear 3207-1129
Anvil Assembly 3207-1139
Recorder Subassembl 3207-1135
Panel Assy, Lighting 3207-1100
Converter Assy 3207-1214
Recorder 654BM104
Strip Chart Paper 212774-1
Extender Card 212997-1
Ball Valve Modified 212744-1S
Cord 310486-00-9
Test Box A4XBT
Housing Bathythermo 8768-10PTFU3243
Solarcell Mounting Assembly 5743-175
Flowmeter And Bubble A-30770 AND A-30783
Yoke Assembly, Right 30677
Yoke Assembly, Left 30698
Thermal Unit, Bathythermograph 8768-6
Pyrheliometer BULLET1N2
Sampler, Sea Bottom Sediment Grab 214WA250

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