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Physical Properties Testing And Inspection - FSC 6635

Destructive And Nondestructive Inspection Equipment Such As Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Units; Magnetic Inspection Units; Industrial X-ray Machines; Industrial X-ray Film; Tensiometers; Material Hardness Testers.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
X-ray Apparatus, Radiographic, Ind GXR7-6B
Film, Radiographic 144 8679
Tester, Torque Wrench ET500Z
Calibrator, Torque CTP500Z
Calibrator, Torque CTS1000F
Reference Standard, Physical Prop 100-377
Tester, Spring Resiliency 62-6381-00
Reference Standard, Physical Prop 100-306
Strain Gage D20TC
Strain Gage 60CG
Balancing Machine, Dynamic-static 41TYPE13S
Comparator, Optical Projection U5415
Tester, Material Strength 60-200
Tester, Material Strength CT711
Mold, Concrete Testing, Compressio 34-5285
Balancing Machine, Dynamic-static SJP
Case, Carrying, X-ray 65C304
Tensiometer, Dial Indicating 10015098
Transducer, Ultrasonic 57A3031
Test Set, Ultrasonic 50B715
Transducer, Ultrasonic ABFP-0502-42
Transducer, Ultrasonic 57A3055
Transducer, Ultrasonic SUM1045SS
Transducer, Ultrasonic 57A3076
X-ray Apparatus, Radiographic, Ind 65B365
Probe, Bolt Hole 207409
Probe, Bolt Hole 207410
Probe, Bolt Hole 207411
Probe, Bolt Hole 208497
Probe, Bolt Hole 207329
Viewer, X-ray Film 65E003
Transducer, Ultrasonic 57A2275
Transducer, Ultrasonic 181151
Transducer, Ultrasonic ABFP-0202-90
Tester, Torque, Wrench And Tensiom D2882H1800
Test Kit, Torque Analyzer 810010
Transducer SUD 525
Charger, Tube Head 65B461
Test Set, Ultrasonic 50C901
Test Block, Ultrasonic 57A4248
Test Block, Ultrasonic TB 7150-4
Magnetic Inspection Unit, Portabl DA200
Adapter, Moment Weig PWA16601-91
Adapter, Adjustable C2877UA01800
Adapter, Torque Analyzer UAO-1650-810015-8
Comparator, Optical Projection PC30
Testing Machine, Creep Rupture 428-21A
Case, Electronic Equipment A4987AC
Balancer, Electro-dynamic, Portabl M0DEL3V1-500
Jar, Cloud And Pour Point Test 74530
Tester, Material Hardness BB75
Test Set, Concrete GC1
Shaking Machine, Testing Sieve, La CL390
Test Set, Soil CN700
Xray Apparatus 65B279
Tester, Material Strength 63373-1
Tester, Material Strength 120D
Tester, Material Strength 612
Lens Assembly, Photocell 10048
Tensiometer, Dial Indicating AT6896
Test Set, Ultrasonic MARK2BAC/DCP
Analyzer, Particle Size 8011-3
Comparator, Optical Projection BC14
Magnetic Inspection Unit, Station H-600 AND 189300
Valve Stem Assembly 10026A
Clamp, Contact 10133
Tester, Spring Resiliency 65-65GRX650GR
Adapter, Moment Weig PWA16600-89
Adapter, Moment Weig PWA16600-86
Adapter, Moment Weig PWA16600-87
Adapter, Moment Weig PWA16600-88
Adapter, Moment Weight Scale PWA16601-84
Adapter, Moment Weig PWA16601-85
Cooler, X-ray Film Processing Uni PC200W
Generator, Ultrasoni LG300
Tester, Material Hardness M8
Rotor QB72217-13
Rotor, Bearing, Test QB72217-14
Rotor QB72217-15
Rotor, Bearing, Test QB72217-26
Rotor, Bearing, Test QB72217-3
Rotor, Bearing, Test QB72217-4
Rotor QB72217-6
Adapter QB 72412-1
Probe, Duct 18000A
Balancing Machine, Dynamic-static 100B
Tester, Soil Moisture BN2B
Processing Machine, Radiographic BX0MAT
Tensioner, Coining EP25
Tester, Compression U160
Magnetic Inspection Unit, Station TAQ1446GH
Calibrator, Sensitiv SC4
Tester, Spring Resiliency MST-100
Coil, Magnetizing, First Stage 21C3081G001
Kit, Inspection, Stag 21C3035G001
Tester, Spring Resiliency 9221
Balancing Machine, Dynamic-static RL5U
Calibration System, Force And Mom 9853-2
Tensiometer, Dial Indicating TD5-20000
Tester, Regulating Valve, Pressure 10670-1

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