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Navigational Instruments - FSC 6605

Azimuths; Sextants; Octants; Compasses; Plotting Boards; Underwater Log Equipment; Air Position Indicators; Drift Meters.
Last Modified: Sep 16, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Control Unit, Ship, P IC/29A40
Pad Assembly 132C225G01
Clamp Assembly 16979
Housing 108544
Plotting System, Na MP2811ANDMP2813ANDMP2814
Computer, Flight Con 1781218-52
Module Assy, Power 1D5450G1
Module Assy, Power 1D5460G1
Module Assy, Power 1D5470G1
Module Assembly, Power 1E5480G1
Amplifier Assembly 40-657-5010
Toroid Assembly SUE18478
Toroid Assembly SUE18479
Toroid Assembly SUE18480
Bead, Antiparasitic 30-862-104
Toroid Assembly SUE16008
Dual Driver Assembly 40-657-5007
Locating Block SUE16866
Screen Assembly SUM1584
Waveform Generator 202SUE1
Slider, Aircraft ATR8511
Bag, Special SUE16888
Grid Assembly SUM1702
Micro Circuit CC055H
Transducer 66711-308-1
Case And Cover Z226-250A
Case 1816373-1
Hold Down ATR859
Cluster Frame B333001330-1
Gimbal Section Top B333031037-1
Logic, Network IC5950A200A
Inverter, Logic 915D900PC29
Light Amplifier, Log 129B6774SH270A
Cover, Header Assembly B200041526-1
Adapter, Cover B305001165-1
Compensator, Rotary C200029749
Gimbal, Bottom B400031038-1
Cable Assy, Printed B200041606-1
Cable Assy, Printed B200041608-1
Cable Assy, Printed B200041605-1
Mount Set, Resilent B200041739
Cover, Inertial Navigation B315001216-1
Retainer, Inertial N B343001359-1
Retainer, Inertial N B343001362-1
Retainer, Inertial N B343001360-1
Clamp, Component C336001177
Stop, Inertial Navig C329001078
Network, Logic IC5950A290A
Switch And Crank D20DCNS
Plotter-protractor, Air Navigatio 120
Indicator, Status 67701-01SH20F5
Nut, Pointer 110053-000
Memory Set Assembly 569-100-000
Strobe Assembly 569-11-000
Panel Assy 569-11-024
Spring, Switch 569-110-103
Case CB21-702
Screw 2-56-3FBT
Screw 2-56-3RBT
Electronic Chassis 537-200-022
Parts Kit, Overhaul, 2555105
Power Supply, Inerti 629743
Computer, Air Data FDW31
Integrated Circuit 6528000283
Strobe Assembly, Red 569-21-000
Strobe Assembly, Green 569-22-000
Solenoid And Flag 569-3-025
Timer Assy 569-13-000
Servomechanism, Drive 3308-950
Servomechanism, Drive 3308-970
Bracket, Fuse 3306-761
Bracket, Test Point 3158-185
Gears And Shaft Assembly 3318-504
Cam, Assembly 3318-674
Bearing Main Plate 3450-628
Rider Rim And Mover 3306-774
Rider Rim And Mover 3306-773
Terminal Bracket As 3158-300
Post, Extractor 622-0015-001
Coupling C 3306-751
Multiar Subassembly 3318-635
Lamp Panel Assembly 3158-339
Flag Assembly 3158-355
Disk, Friction 979-1B375XB542
Module, True Airspeed 569-50-000
Push Button Assembly 569-12-000
Ground Track Assembly 569-20-000
Quadrature Rejector M900-001-0001
Disc Wind Assembly 569-10-023
Push Button And Bar 512-103-000
Gear Kit 610475
Flag Assembly 1265874-1
Cluster Cap B324001036-1
Inertial Measurement Unit C702732018-2
Cable Assembly 2882932
Coupling, Dead Reckoning CA302
Shutter Assembly 508349
Amplifier, Buffer 745-0028-001
Control-indicator Subassembly 476D898G01
Plotter-protractor, Air Navigatio 409C734A40

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