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In Vitro Diagnostic Substances, Reagents, Test Kits And Sets - FSC 6550

In Vitro Diagnostic Aids, Such As Test Tablets, Test Slides, Test Strips, Test Cards, Test Papers, Test Solutions, Reagents; Sets And Kits Designated For In Vitro Qualitative And Quantitative Tests On Specimens, Such As Blood, Urine, Feces, And The Like, For The Purposes Of Aiding In The Medical Diagnosis Of Disease, Determining Body Organ Dysfunction, Or Other Abnormal Conditions.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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Cytology Fixative SPRAY-CYTE
Sensitivity Discs, Diagnostic
Test Strips And Color Chart, Keto 2880
Thromboplastin 7201-14
Culture Medium, Purple Broth Base 0190C29
Differentiation Discs, Microorgan 31041
Blood Cell Staining Kit B4141-10
Culture Medium, Bismuth Sulfite A C105V95
Culture Medium, Blood Agar Base
Blood Detection Tablets
Test Kit, Streptococcal Exoenzyme STREPT0ZYME
Cedar Oil, Analyzed Reagent NDC00001-1254-50
Digitonin, Reagent
Methanol, Reagent 0191
Papanicolaou Stain 7062X
Culture Medium, Macconkey Agar 211387
Culture Medium, Nutrient Agar M18080
Culture Medium, Soybean-casein Di 0369-17-6
Culture Medium, Phenol Red Broth 211506
Phosphotungstic Acid, Analyzed Re
Formaldehyde Solution, Usp 5014
Safranin O Stain R-110
Sorbitol, Reagent
Culture Medium, Salmonella Shigel 11597
Sulfosalicylic Acid, Dihydrate, An A297-100
Urine Sugar Test Tablets NDC00193-2100-21
Test Strips And Color Chart, Gluc NDC00193-2882-21
Test Kit, Morphine Detection 43255
Test Kit, Morphine Detection 43045
Wright's Stain
Xylose, Analyzed Reagent
Culture Medium, Simmons Citrate A 11620
Culture Medium, Eosin Methylene B 0005-01-4#
Eosin-y Stain E0SINY
Giemsa's Stain US702
Hematoxylin, Analyzed Reagent 75290
Test Strips And Color Chart, Bili BILI-LABSTIX
Test Kit, Syphilis Detection RPR NO. 110
Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-b, Usp
Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-a, Usp
Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-a, Usp 021-030
Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-d, Usp 020-015
Salmonella O Antiserum 222641
Salmonella Grouping Serum 2947-47-7
Salmonella Grouping Serum DF2949-47-5
Salmonella Grouping Serum 240985
Salmonella Grouping Serum 90002-032
Salmonella Grouping Serum 2951-47-0
Salmonella Grouping Serum 228191
Salmonella Grouping Serum 2827-47-2
Thromboplastin 235124
Test Kit, Nitrogen Determination MILT36888
Test Kit, Occult Blood Determinat NDC00193-2592-21
Safranin O, Analyzed Reagent 3332-76-2
Blood Collecting-culture Bottle 5-2424-75
Test Kit, Aminotransferase Determ 7843
Sodium Chloride Solution T01-0381-38
Culture Medium, Lowenstein-jensen T1949
Thromboplastin Test Reagent B4216-2
Test Strips And Color Chart, Gluc NDC00193-2855-21
Test Strips And Color Chart, Gluc DIASTIX
Biuret, Working Solution 900-2
Test Strips And Color Chart, Gluc NDC00193-2888-21
Culture Medium, Gc Agar Base B-12275
Aluminum Ammonium S A567
Test Kit, Nitrogen Determination 59737
Congo Red, Reagent 0C265
Sudan Iii Stain S4136-25G
Blood Collecting-culture Bottle 7D ANAEROBIC CULTURE MEDIA
Blood Collecting-culture Bottle 02001
Test Kit, Human Chorionic Gonadot B5412-50
Test Strips And Color Chart, Urin MULTISTIX
Test Kit, Glucose Determination 59752
Culture Medium, Oxidation-ferment 0FBASALMEDIUM
Buffer Solution, Standard 477073
Buffer Solution, Standard 037-796
Blood Cell Staining Kit B4132-1A
Culture Medium, Lowenstein-jenson 21338
Test Kit, Bilirubin Determination
Albumin, Bovine Serum, Reagent
Test Pack, Controlled Substances 7-6071
Sodium Sulfate, Anhydrous, Analyze 3898-01
Control, Coagulation
Test Strips And Color Chart, Gluc 2806
Sensitivity Discs, Diagnostic
Sensitivity Discs, Diagnostic 6261-90-2
Test Pack, Controlled Substances 7-6072
Test Pack, Cocaine Detection 7-6077
Sodium Chloride Solution T01-0385-38
Chloride Sample Diluent T01-0353-90
Potassium Iodide-sodium Hydroxid T01-0348-90
Blood Grouping Serum, Usp GR0UP0
Caffeine, Sodium Acetate, And Sodi T01-0151-38
Potassium Sodium Tartrate And So 64231
Test Kit, Occult Blood Determinat U2315-11
Test Kit, Amylase Determination B5276-1
Test Kit, Bilirubin Determination B5613-6
Test Kit, Bilirubin Determination B5613-20

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