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Hospital And Surgical Clothing And Related Special Purpose Items - FSC 6532

Only Those Clothing Items Which Are Required Exclusively For Use In Hospital Operations, Or In Medical Or Dental Facilities, Which Have No Functional Counterpart Elsewhere In Federal Organizations Participating In The Federal Catalog System.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Robe, Dressing X-1605
Cap, Operating, Surgical A-A-30038
Trousers, Men's Pajama X-1569
Coat, Man's Pajama X-1569
Gown, Operating, Surgical 6532000092034
Gown, Operating, Surgical 6532000092035
Trousers, Operating, Surgical X-1609
Slippers, Disposable 3075
Robe, Dressing 7153150
Hood, Operating, Surgical 8240
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' X241
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' MILS36598
Shoe Cast-bandage, Cover, Canvas M0LL0PEDICSH0E
Footwear Covers, Operating Room ELECTR0B00T7075
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' 1001
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' 440000
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' 450000
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' 5207
Trousers, Men's Pajama 7830 S
Trousers, Men's Pajama 7830 S.
Trousers, Men's Pajama X-1569
Trousers, Men's Pajama 614YXH
Trousers, Men's Pajama 7830
Coat, Man's Pajama X-1569
Coat, Man's Pajama 622LGBMED
Coat, Man's Pajama 665 YXH LARGE
Coat, Man's Pajama 665 YXH
Gown, Operating, Surgical 644MZSM
Gown, Operating, Surgical 644MZSL
Cap, Operating, Surgical 6171
Gown, Hospital Patient GOWN,HOSPITAL PATIENT
Coat, Medical Attendant's 83001
Coat, Man's Pajama X-1569
Coat, Medical Attendant's X-1531
Drawsheet, Mattress Protective 3670
Gown, Hospital Patient 650 LPX
Cap, Operating, Surgical A-A-30156
Cap, Operating, Surgical A4359
Trousers, Operating, Surgical TROUSERS,OPERATING
Trousers, Operating, Surgical TROUSERS,OPERATING
Trousers, Operating, Surgical TROUSERS,OPERATING
Trousers, Operating, Surgical MIL-T-37046
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 849NTZ SMALL
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 677NZN
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 849NTZ LARGE
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 853 NTH X SMALL
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 853NZN
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 853NZN
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 853NZN
Tunic, Operating, Surgical 853NZN
Trousers, Operating, Surgical X-1609
Smock, Dental Operating 87005 RCWXL
Gown, Hospital Personnel 3151
Surgical Pack, Gown And Towel 9511
Smock, Physician's MDT 7755-010 SMALL
Smock, Physician's MDT 7755-010 MEDIUM
Smock, Physician's 83005LQWL
Smock, Physician's MDT 7755-010 X-LG
Shirt, Operating, Surgical 683 NZN
Shirt, Operating, Surgical 668 NZN
Shirt, Operating, Surgical X-1609
Hood, Operating, Surgical A4380
Cap, Operating, Surgical 2121
Gown, Patient Examining MII
Drawsheet, Mattress Protective CL2327
Footwear Covers, Operating Room 4021
Cap, Operating, Surgical 7902
Hood, Operating, Surgical 4242
Bib, Patient Feeding GERIBIB
Smock, Medical Assistant's DDDS496
Cap, Operating, Surgical 2001, FLARE PRODUCTS, INC.
Diaper, Infant's 70173
Gown, Patient Examining W3049
Gown, Operating, Surgical KIML0N6785
Satchel, Physician's DE10746
Cap, Operating, Surgical CAP,OPERATING,SURGICAL
Dress, Woman's X-1607
Gown, Isolation 6155
Cap, Operating, Surgical 6170
Smock, Medical Assistant's 6115
Smock, Medical Assistant's 6115
Smock, Medical Assistant's 6115
Gown, Patient Examining 6140
Gown, Isolation 6150
Gown, Operating, Surgical 6107
Bib, Patient Feeding BIBADULT
Footwear Covers, Operating Room 6101
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' H5791B
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' H5791A
Pants, Training 29A11036F2
Pants, Training 29A11036F4
Slippers, Convalescent Patients' X-LARGE
Footwear Covers, Operating Room A4604
Pillowcase 6025
Cap, Operating, Surgical 6175
Coat, Childrens Pajamas 45745-203
Trousers, Childrens Pajamas 45755-203
Coat, Man's Pajama 45625-105
Gown, Hospital Patient 45700-203
Diaper, Infant's MILD36180

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