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Fuel Cell Power Units, Components, And Accessories - FSC 6116

Complete Functioning Fuel Cell Power Units; Fuel Cells; Fuel Cell Assemblies Or Modules; Fuel Cell Reactant Chambers; Fuel Feed Mechanisms; Electrolyte Heaters; Heat Exchangers; And Other Internal Components Peculiar To, And Used Exclusively On Or With, Fuel Cell Power Units Classified In This Class.
Last Modified: Sep 26, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Power Unit, Fuel Cell JP2000
Repair Material, Fuel Cell PS-384
Fuel Cell, Electrical CLASS B-3 OXYGEN CELL
Fuel Cell Assy 40518-02
Fuel Cell Middle 412-361-640-101
Fuel Cell Left Hand 412-361-639-101
Fuel Cell Right Han 412-361-639-102
Fuel Cell 412-361-641-101
Fuel Cell Left Hand 412-361-643-101
Fuel Cell Right Han 412-361-643-102
Fuel Cell Mid Lower 412-899-177-102
Fuel Cell Lower Rh Side 412-899-178-101
Fuel Cell Mid Lower 412-899-177-101
Fuel Cell Lower Lh Side 412-899-179-101
Rotor, Generator As N70701 ITEM 18 T0 37
Rod, Fuel Cell Power Units, Compon 1D45385IT7
Fitting Assembly, Electrical 345-68519-1
Fuel Cell, Electrical 791619-001
Fuel Cell, Electrical C-45-091-B5
Fuel Cell, Electrical 706A34-629-007
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 901-366-651-105
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 472335-240
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 472335-252
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 7617E11GP2
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 901-366-650-105
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 901-366-650-106
Power Unit, Fuel Cell 901-366-301-102
Fuel Cell, Electrical S9515-AL-MMA-010, 7-3 ITEM 18