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Electrical Control Equipment - FSC 6110

Contactors; Motor Controllers; Power Servomechanisms; Switchgear; Voltage Regulators.
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2020

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Module, Overvoltage Protection 0VP12-24
Brake, Electric 9051-5471
Contactor, Magnetic N-421A
Starter, Motor A200SACB
Regulator, Voltage CN1409V
Regulator, Voltage CN1935U
Component Board 44C238494G02
Plate, Pitch Main 4010533001
Regulator, Voltage 659460
Regulator, Voltage 399468-1
Regulator, Voltage 399467-1
Regulator, Voltage 399858-1
Regulator, Voltage 399469-1
Heat Sink Assembly IC3603A143D
Current Sensor M2881
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect 77D19-1
Starter, Motor A200K0CAC
Control, Voltage Regulator 2995223
Regulator, Voltage 77D605009G001
Regulator, Voltage 50580-501
Controller, Motor 7140961-10
Starter, Motor 194B8509G1S2
Controller, Motor 206A3954P1
Regulator, Voltage SGQ25B
Box Assembly 50-364431-601
Controller, Motor 6962ED1217A2
Controller, Motor 6962ED2122A2
Starter, Motor 122084
Distribution Box 973857-2
Parts Kit, Controller PK20
Brake, Electric 1-087-031EF
Brake, Electric 1-087-021EFF
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect 531790
Starter, Motor 2510FG2
Controller, Motor 139B6376G1S2
Controller, Motor 187B6167G1S2
Panel, Control, Electrical C219M3-1
Panel, Power Distribution 3300-43023-1
Starter, Motor 6967ED238A2
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect X00119
Distribution Box 8756777
Contactor, Magnetic 2136463G001
Regulator, Electrica 76000608-3
Controller Assembly 6967ED239A2
Panel, Power Distribution LD628711
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect MRP18GX85
Contactor, Magnetic 42CF35AF
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect 1456-830
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect C296758
Coil Holder-plunger Guide 8-082-581-00
Regulator, Current 2630598
Coil 2A02
Contact A281-10
Contact D1301
Contact 380565793
Contact 10322
Contact B354
Contact C338
Starter, Motor 6962ED1557A2
Parts Kit, Controller PK22
Synchronizer, Contro G45049
Autogap And Mounting Kit 5300-101-004
Contactor, Magnetic ACC-530-UM-20WITH-ACK353
Starter, Motor 8536TYPEC03F0RMJSY28Y35120V60CY
Panel, Ground Detector M24395/1-001
Electronic Subassem 353407-1
Distribution Box 8960665
Case, Control 5-14-640-46
Regulator, Voltage 778-0034-001
Distribution Box 11588320
Indicator-control Assembly ID1979A
Regulator, Voltage 13208E8940
Regulator, Voltage LAS2206
Card, Extender 401040
Card, Extender 401041
Board, Control 400811-2
Parts Kit, Regulator 1104081-2
Distribution Box J2217FRD10AV
Distribution Box 02-737138-1
Protector, Thermal-overload, Elect 5234-1
Regulator, Voltage 118136
Control-indicator Subassembly 137529-01
Parts Kit, Controller PK21
Amplifier S1754483
Starter, Motor CR1062R5A
Contactor, Magnetic 32222LU
Control, Generator 10124250
Regulator, Voltage 13217E3829
Regulator, Voltage D474AA
Bracket 1531814
Regulator, Voltage TF230
Distribution Box J3096U
Regulator, Voltage 1790-401
Regulator, Voltage And Frequency FCD500M1
Distribution Box 569-4-000
Regulator, Voltage J7056
Armature Assembly 5300-111-001
Individual Phase Se 44B253147P2
Amplifier, Voltage 44B253384-001
Parts Kit, Overhaul 2579578

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