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Antennas, Waveguides, And Related Equipment - FSC 5985

Aerials; Masts; Tower Equipment; Attenuators; Couplers; Transmission Lines.
Last Modified: Jul 04, 2020

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Waveguide Assembly 166R151-1
Switch, Waveguide 576R738H02
Waveguide Assembly 733-1
Adapter, Antenna To Antenna Base 70271
Attenuator, Variable 330760
Coupler, Directional 2055216-0501
Adapter Coupler MX4845SRA34
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 605R598G01
Coupler, Directional 582686-1
Waveguide Assembly M1774-7
Switch, Waveguide MA83201Z7
Waveguide Assembly G128-079-002
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 95-6043
Double Seal Hull Tube 44530C1
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra 34389A
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 77C704752
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 410-0266-000
Control, Antenna 661R483G01
Attenuator, Fixed AR4037
Dummy Load, Electrical 65700-90366-102
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 2-6351-1
Dummy Load, Electrical WDA04
Dummy Load, Electrical 713-0034-00
Attenuator, Variable 2206116G1
Attenuator, Variable 2207178G1
Attenuator, Fixed 2207731G1
Isolator, Waveguide 335792
Antenna DMN9
Attenuator, Fixed M3933/6-1
Cavity, Tuned 962561-1
Waveguide Assembly 609R497G01
Waveguide Assembly 609R518G01
Attenuator, Fixed 1291008P6
Waveguide Assembly 411R520G01
Antenna Subassembly SC-D-52096
Antenna 11D50500
Attenuator, Variable 3750A
Platform, Antenna Pedestal 1-6551
Probe, Waveguide SA18272
Plate, Antenna Mast AB361URN3
Dummy Load, Electrical A2142772A
Adapter, Waveguide UG446U
Antenna AT-441/MRC
Antenna Subassembly 1738-5024G2REV3
Base, Mast SC-D-17306
Flange, Waveguide UG418AU
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra 3-158-50
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra 487915REVAASSY901
Tuner, Transmission Line B9011039
Waveguide Assembly B-50021
Waveguide Assembly C244290-1
Waveguide Assembly L280049ALTBPTL280049-1
Waveguide Assembly 1154017
Waveguide Assembly UG974U
Coupler, Directional B45033
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss C16N22DA
Support, Antenna 150-4-1
Coupler, Directional 669660-2
Antenna Control Subassembly SM-D-423554-1
Waveguide Assembly 125092
Coupling, Waveguide 123C221G01
Control, Antenna 333D830G01
Attenuator, Fixed 102251
Waveguide Assembly 500078-1
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 471654-1
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 1-6236
Waveguide W5968
Adapter, Waveguide E6762
Crystal Cap Assembl GB3932
Adapter, Waveguide E6761
Seal, Waveguide W6001
Dummy Load, Electrical 5001-5016-09
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra 1000-0184-001
Antenna TAD1004B
Divider, Power, Radio Frequency 316-010-003
Waveguide Assembly 509R145G01
Antenna AS1584BLRSQ
Dummy Load, Electrical X4068M0D1
Pedestal, Antenna 10108413
Waveguide Assembly A24756-001
Waveguide Assembly A24754-001
Mast 650H120N90
Dummy Load, Electrical 2312579PC1
Waveguide 102673
Probe, Waveguide 44-1695-01
Coupler, Directional 58-28091C01
Adapter, Waveguide 577R302H01
Attenuator, Fixed 504R755G01
Waveguide Assembly 504R971G01
Waveguide Assembly 62203
Attenuator Assembly 91200-1D
Attenuator Assembly 90518-1A
Indicator, Antenna Position 660-3-281183-2
Waveguide Assembly A23343-001
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 1KU101
Divider, Power, Radio Frequency 10548179
Coupler, Directional 10548183
Coupler, Directional 10548178
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 20-1391
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 20-1392

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