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Antennas, Waveguides, And Related Equipment - FSC 5985

Aerials; Masts; Tower Equipment; Attenuators; Couplers; Transmission Lines.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

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Panel, Antenna SM-D-587137
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss A51A9052-11
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect I2156L
Waveguide Assembly 483416-1
Waveguide Assembly 483386-1
Waveguide Assembly 483816-1
Waveguide Assembly 483571-1
Dummy Load, Electrical 7910416-01
Mixer, Crystal, Coaxial 928087-1
Waveguide Assembly AT-6B-112-52
Waveguide Assembly AE7C112N18.00
Waveguide Assembly 483225-4
Coupler, Directional 17001300-001
Waveguide Assembly 483415-1
Attenuator, Fixed 228048P2
Panel, Patching, Antenna SM-A-587241
Waveguide Assembly SCC594834
Waveguide Assembly SCC594835
Waveguide Assembly SCC594833
Dummy Load, Electrical 2285331
Waveguide Assembly 396804-1
Waveguide Assembly 01373443
Coupling, Waveguide 53303091-2
Attenuator, Fixed 530A10
Waveguide Assembly 2270336
Divider, Power, Radio Frequency 76113G1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss A51A9052-5
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect PMI-4445
Coupler, Directional DCS-1301N
Flange, Transmission 300-825
Coupler, Directional 8822400005-2
Coupler, Directional L910-26-5S
Coupler, Directional 10615-13
Waveguide Assembly 8653734-1
Diplexer 347109-1
Antenna BTD103
Circulator, Radio Frequency CXH107
Circulator, Radio Frequency CXH108
Circulator, Radio Frequency ICSL19
Support, Antenna Reflector 484452-1
Attenuator, Variable 481195-1
Mast 7881
Attenuator, Fixed 399196-2
Dummy Load, Electrical 14240
Waveguide Assembly 484410-1
Probe, Waveguide 66G3015-1-1
Probe, Waveguide 66G3014-1-1
Antenna G7255-001-02
Waveguide Assembly 483702-1
Adapter, Waveguide 90AC86-1E
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 146C70600
Waveguide Assembly 482587-1
Waveguide Assembly 482587-2
Waveguide Assembly 482587-4
Waveguide Assembly 482587-5
Waveguide Assembly 482587-6
Waveguide Assembly 483225-1
Antenna, Sense 522-2931-004
Antenna, Sense 522-2753-003
Coupler, Antenna CU2049FLR9V
Coupler, Antenna 3300-42844-1
Waveguide Assembly 609868-2
Reflector, Antenna 407048-1
Pedestal, Antenna 347174-1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 8761B-000
Waveguide Assembly 483759-1
Waveguide Assembly TFT57020
Support, Waveguide TQ29000
Antenna 530-3-03
Antenna 530-3-06
Antenna AS2319U
Adapter, Waveguide 396518-1
Waveguide Assembly 999020215007
Seal, Waveguide 482704-1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 600254-01
Apc, Ppc, Dir Coupler Assembly A70730-001
Waveguide Assembly 3193558
Coupler, Directional 2534882
Kit, Mounting, Switch, Radio Freque 360-11920
Adapter, Antenna To Antenna Base X1050
Dummy Load, Electrical DA634U
Dummy Load, Electrical DA635U
Dummy Load, Electrical DA636U
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 20A1061
Support, Antenna 2630081
Waveguide Assembly C02275700
Waveguide Assembly 999010-214834
Waveguide Assembly 483817-1
Waveguide Assembly 483817-2
Waveguide Assembly MIL-W-287/5
Antenna Group 0E113GRQ16V
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 147007
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 7011-0503-2
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 482538-1
Waveguide Assembly 77701
Antenna Assembly 67A86E275
Reflector, Antenna 1716376-501
Coupler, Directional SM-D-587889
Coupler, Directional PL611378
Switch, Waveguide 2534663

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