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Antennas, Waveguides, And Related Equipment - FSC 5985

Aerials; Masts; Tower Equipment; Attenuators; Couplers; Transmission Lines.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

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Coupler, Directional 2024-6428-20
Coupler, Directional 2C0702-20
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 22-723
Dummy Load, Electrical 580R064H01
Attenuator, Fixed 693-20
Adapter, Antenna To Antenna Base SKS16451
Antenna Element 75991
Antenna 171AS544
Antenna 172AS546
Antenna 444506-1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 315-010002-6
Antenna 24960
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 403538-1
Attenuator, Variable E101
Attenuator, Fixed 771-40
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 266-8703-00
Antenna 522-2615-006
Coupler, Directional J752C
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 606-3321906-00
Cover, Waveguide Flange BP4351
Waveguide Assembly 46395
Adapter, Waveguide 58-26173B01
Seal, Waveguide 60A5A206-2
Dummy Load, Electrical 3068544-1
Radome 1382556
Adapter, Waveguide 2604622-4
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 2604580
Coupler, Directional 2569-3
Antenna 128SCAV195-21
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 2039900081
Attenuator, Variable 111495
Switch, Waveguide 58330
Coupler, Directional SCDE0013-1
Coupler, Directional SCDE0014-1
Attenuator, Variable RY7355
Local Fine Tuning 02-2269-1
Resolver Gear Train 02-2541-1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 323-11651-3
Isolator, Radio Frequency Reflect 294003P1
Diplexer GC851M1
Coupler, Directional 292046P1
Support, Antenna 152946
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss CS02050-1
Dummy Load, Electrical TRM1-1-10F
Dummy Load, Electrical TRM1-1-30F
Flange, Waveguide 409R526H01
Antenna AS1288BPX
Coupler, Antenna 9958G1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss F34-35-600-2
Dummy Load, Electrical H501B
Attenuator, Variable 351051
Seal, Waveguide 9057820
Switch, Waveguide 9142308
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra 1049407-901
Adapter, Waveguide 355-0328-00
Waveguide Assembly TL78105
Waveguide Assembly SMC438848
Waveguide Assembly 355-0303-00
Attenuator, Fixed 9993003
Adapter, Waveguide RE-F2687256
Antenna 497402-904 REV J
Mixer X Band DBG665
Mount, Barretter 33B3
Attenuator, Variable 3614-30
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra M1874-0A009
Line Section, Radio Frequency Tra S1851-0C149
Antenna 101B7024-1
Antenna 8329152-502
Antenna 8329153-501
Adapter, Waveguide 244185
Cover, Antenna S6162-63625-1
Cover, Antenna S6162-60680-1
Antenna Feed Assy D407649
Plate, Mounting, Antenna Coupler 548-6725-002
Cover, Antenna 123BP10004-11
Panel, Patching, Antenna SB1150G
Antenna Coupler Group ANSRA14C
Antenna Coupler Group ANSRA15C
Antenna Coupler Group ANSRA16C
Attenuator, Fixed T154
Attenuator, Variable C1L43-50
Attenuator, Variable 5042-131
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss 70827G1
Tuner, Transmission Line 5502TR260
Reducer 64-10
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss CPA3072-1
Coupler, Rotary, Radio Frequency 10179226
Coupler, Directional 3040-20
Attenuator, Variable 378-0424-00
Elbow, Coax, Rigid 494-925
Control, Antenna Coupler 787-6396-002
Antenna AS2128URC
Attenuator, Variable 228062-1
Attenuator, Variable 1073S6
Attenuator, Variable 1073S7
Weight, Wire Antenna WR-7-D
Tuner, Waveguide F284AA-11
Coupler, Directional 372A
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss SA608BWLR1
Switch, Radio Frequency Transmiss SA609BWLR1

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