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Switches - FSC 5930

Rotary, Knife, Toggle, Push Button, Mercury, Thermostatic, And Differential Pressure Switches.
Last Modified: Jan 21, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Switch, Rotary L23983-4MLRC-1
Contact 455288
Switch, Liquid Level 29-605304-1
Switch, Rotary 3200716-3
Switch, Push 10-A1-2-GA-X-8-E-17 RADIATE,ON/1
Switch, Push 10A12GA13511E17 LOCAL AAR, CONT-
Switch, Push 10A12GA13511E17 CONT TRANS, AUT
Switch, Push 10B2-1GWX8E13CHA
Switch, Toggle MS27407-5
Switch, Thermostatic P24236-010-01
Switch, Rotary C507010800
Switch, Rotary C507010803
Switch, Rotary C4527
Switch, Rotary 4532
Switch, Rotary 5-12133-211
Switch, Thermostatic 620296
Switch, Rotary PC257756CKD2
Switch, Sensitive SC-C-614004
Switch, Push 10250T111-1M33X
Switch, Thermostatic A19ANC1WITHBULBWEL11A601
Switch, Rotary 3100-0276
Switch Section, Rotary 227871-DH
Switch Section, Rotary 227869DH
Switch Section, Rotary 4-2412-511
Switch, Push 1055-2
Switch, Sensitive 2AC6
Switch, Rotary 001038-79
Switch, Toggle 7613K4
Switch, Toggle A-011799
Switch 4031B3G3
Switch, Rotary 477204-1
Switch, Rotary 228809J6C
Switch, Rotary 123A2
Switch, Rotary 22745-55-1
Switch Subassembly 644133-41
Boot, Dust And Moisture Seal 2291495
Boot, Dust And Moisture Seal 4080
Switch, Pressure 0111712
Switch, Rotary 113255
Switch 567-3747-002
Switch, Rotary CES2CS16
Switch, Rotary CES4CN24
Switch, Rotary CES4CS3
Switch, Rotary CES5CS3
Switch, Rotary 62B134
Switch, Rotary 24YY2925-3
Switch, Push 10EA3C2F2J3L
Switch, Proximity IC5896B100D15
Switch, Push 547005
Switch, Electrical 223072S
Switch, Push 695476
Switch, Sensitive MILS8805-1
Switch, Rotary 22745-57-1
Switch, Rotary 222518-F1V
Switch, Thermostatic A-813
Switch, Push A20178-01
Switch, Push A20178-02
Switch, Push A20178-03
Switch, Rotary 1089017
Switch, Rotary 1089066
Switch, Rotary 1089067
Switch, Rotary 1089092
Switch, Rotary TYPEA
Switch, Pressure 25-76016-25
Adapter, Switch Actuator BL3966
Switch, Trigger 8916K789
Switch, Thermostatic 222-10NLM2221013
Switch, Thermostatic 267-0144-00
Switch, Thermostatic T176A
Switch, Thermostatic 17323-0-85
Switch, Rotary PA800-022
Switch, Rotary D1G0802N-9707
Switch, Rotary H33-130
Switch, Thermostatic M24236-1-031
Switch, Rotary MIL-S-3786/4
Switch, Push 4J7920-8-1
Switch, Toggle PM21216-3
Switch, Thermostatic M24236/1-1400
Switch, Rotary 5-23823-211
Switch, Rotary MIL-S-3786/4
Switch, Rotary DM-2424
Switch, Electrical 5M3332
Switch, Toggle 8869K9
Switch, Sensitive T7-200
Switch, Rotary 44M30-09-2-06N
Switch, Sensitive 3101-0933
Switch, Rotary SMC604276
Switch, Rotary SMC604275
Switch, Sensitive 487 927
Switch Subassembly 76579-93358
Switch Subassembly 76-2721
Switch Subassembly 76-2751
Switch, Rotary 6981ED190-5P
Switch, Toggle A-011609
Switch, Pressure P16AA4
Switch, Toggle MIL-DTL-3950
Switch, Pressure 25-76016-17
Switch, Liquid Level LS208666-1
Switch Section, Rotary 269-2274-000
Switch Section, Rotary 211217-A

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