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Switches - FSC 5930

Rotary, Knife, Toggle, Push Button, Mercury, Thermostatic, And Differential Pressure Switches.
Last Modified: Jul 10, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Switch, Pressure 206-076-404-1
Switch, Reed PD-1259
Switch, Rotary 261012-GK1
Switch, Toggle A3-1112-01
Switch, Sensitive BZE-RN125
Switch, Pressure 14237
Boot, Dust And Moisture Seal P10767
Switch, Pressure 2222242
Switch, Flow LS30548
Switch, Rotary C182AE488EG501
Switch, Push J3BPAN401
Switch, Push J4BPAN22
Switch, Push J4BPAN405
Switch, Rotary 89335
Switch, Liquid Level 40061416
Switch, Rotary 40582-1
Switch, Rotary 40582-3
Switch Assembly 8887200001-18
Switch, Rotary PA600-1073
Switch, Rotary G122-427-003
Switch, Rotary G122-313-016
Switch, Rotary G122-313-020
Switch, Rotary 5-31242-210
Switch, Rotary 393653-3
Switch Assembly 8887200001-7
Switch Assembly 07-H-0145
Switch, Rotary 5-11671-410
Switch, Rotary 5-16531-410-8AAM1
Adapter, Switch Actuator S150
Switch, Rotary 4M90E1-6N4C
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel 008020-1
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel 7K16
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel 7K18
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel 7-K-20
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel 7K21
Switch, Toggle MIL-DTL-83731
Switch, Rotary 122902LK
Switch, Toggle 7101I
Switch, Rotary 8886700009-1
Switch, Rotary 5-47114-421
Switch, Rotary 8886700011-1
Switch, Rotary 8886700014-1
Switch, Rotary 638726-2
Switch, Rotary PL638726-1
Switch, Toggle PL638704-519T
Push Button 2134929-1
Push Button 2134929-2
Push Button 2134929-3
Push Button 2134929-4
Push Button 2134929-5
Switch, Thermostatic 2416409
Switch Assembly 74541
Switch, Rotary G122-427-001
Switch, Rotary G122-313-008
Switch, Rotary 5-31452-210
Switch, Rotary G122-313-029
Switch, Rotary M3786/4-4040
Switch, Toggle 30054
Switch, Thermostatic Z83699-48
Switch, Thermostatic 17606
Switch, Thermostatic 17607
Switch, Pressure 222-10NB4-2222213
Switch, Push 82-1232
Switch, Thermostatic 720489B
Switch, Toggle 123978H1
Switch, Push 24-353
Switch, Sensitive 875181C1
Switch, Pressure 879677C1
Switch, Thermostatic A11-387
Switch, Electrical A19070-21
Switch, Electrical 13948
Switch, Push B3
Switch, Rotary 118608AA2
Switch, Rotary 122902LC
Switch, Rotary 123904LA
Switch, Toggle 12TS115-10
Switch, Pressure 222-10NB20-2222279
Switch, Liquid Level 30556
Switch, Push J12BPAN402
Switch, Rotary 23707
Switch, Push DMS 80058B
Switch, Rotary 12704002
Switch, Thermostatic 507-3
Switch, Electrical 600039-2
Switch, Sensitive 1RA15
Switch, Special 4309-4441-005
Switch, Special 01365210
Switch, Special 8620-8633-001
Switch, Special SA9570
Adapter, Switch Actuator JS5
Switch, Lever 26864-2
Switch, Special 107124A2
Switch, Rotary 44411-329-0
Switch, Toggle BS9572F002
Switch, Sensitive T1303
Switch Assembly 2911
Switch Subassembly 341554
Switch, Reed Y1-01-0147A
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel 6219M
Switch, Code Indicating Wheel A51A10140-7

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