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Miscellaneous Communication Equipment - FSC 5895

Last Modified: Nov 30, 2020

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Transmitter Subassembly 316-011-000
Transmitter Subassembly 353-001-050
Divider, Power, Radio Frequency C4160-254
Resonator, Tuning Fork 29-33445-8
Amplifier-filter Assembly, Electr AM3516FPA
Duplexer 63A5A174-1
Control, Receiver C6376ARN58A
Modification Kit, Communication, E MK811UG
Duplexer 21738
Control, Receiver 548-7582-004
Filter, Light, Cathode Ray Tube K663120067
Holder, Stylus M663120380
Converter, Frequency, Electronic CV1159WLR1
Converter, Frequency, Electronic K663070001
Converter, Frequency, Electronic CV1161WLR1
Converter, Frequency, Electronic CV1162WLR1
Converter, Frequency, Electronic K663100001
Converter, Frequency, Electronic K663110001
Control Storer C2697CWLR1
Indicator, Azimuth, P K663120001
Power Supply K663150001
Power Supply K663160001
Discriminator, Electrical Frequen 66314001
Generator, Pulse SG333CWLR1
Indicator Subassembly, Azimuth An 102554
Modification Kit, Communication, E ANCPN4AFC20
Amplifier-oscillator 400008-08
Frequency Multiplier 522-6296-004
Resonator, Tuning Fork 2206060G1
Converter, Frequency, Static 21C1
Generator, Pulse 711D612G2
Module 109923G32
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 22-1107
Adapter, Shaft 22-1151
Bandwidth Assembly 6511501A4000
Synthesizer, Electrical Frequency 5110A
Generator, Pulse 1512544
Modification Kit, Communication, E 321193
Modification Kit, Communication, E 326764
Cover, Electronic Communication E 389655-1
Cover, Electronic Communication E 154421BR
Gear Train 320-100AC3
Hub 358-700C12
Paper Take-up Subas 297-300
Retainer 320-142
Gear 5G96
Spring 824-40
Spring 824-49
Spring 94-105P5
Amplifier And Plate 465351-1
Modem, Communications 522-6301-004
Sweep Generator Subassembly 112251
Sensor, Lamp Assemb B2166-2005G1
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly SM-D-601272
Converter, Frequency, Electronic K663070012
Converter, Frequency, Electronic K663070014
Converter, Frequency, Electronic K663080079
Sensor Assy, Tape 15758
Radio Frequency Tuner Subassembl 546-6873-017
Modification Kit, Communication, E 124G739-1
Converter, Frequency, Electronic SM-D-354740
Amplifier, Control G354391
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly ESC202206
Modem, Communications 19C302134G17S13
Landing Control Central ANTSQ70A
Test Jig, Amplifier MX8093FSQ75V
Receiver-transmitter Group 0A917DASQ17
Modification Kit, Communication, E 176138
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly W76493C1A
Interrogator And Tr GD3756-1
Input Line Assembly GB3764
Loop, Coupling 595B31
Amplifier, Cavity GD3915
Anode, Line Mounting GB3773-1
Video Processor Boa GC3791
Demodulator 139304-02
Post, Gear 547-8670-002
Ring Retaining, Cont 5800332-1200-006
Monitor Assembly 132542
Housing, Blower Fron 2200-2CCF
Signal Sampler 131282-001
Housing, Blower Back 2200-2CCB
Monitor, Power 131123
Control, Automatic G 131192
Control-indicator Subassembly 223476
Seal Assembly GC3943
Grid Contact Assemb GB3817
Variable Coil Assem GB3779
Cover, Electronic Communication E 138180-01
Control, Electrical Frequency 49711-506
Converter, Single Sideband 591629-1
Cover, Electronic Communication E 8021224
Cone, Relief Valve 036-12288Z
Module A28120112
Module A29220102
Modification Kit, Communication, E R390AURRFC8
Multiplexer Subassembly 790-02061-01
Electronic Subassembly 790-03098-01
Cover, Electronic Communication E 58510004
Converter, Frequency, Electronic CV1315G

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