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Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures - FSC 5450

Bleachers; Grandstands.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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Revetment Kit, Prefabricated 1109830-46104
Bleacher, Portable BE1022
Revetment Kit, Prefabricated 1109830-46101
Revetment Kit, Prefabricated 1109830-46102
Angle, Roof, Corner, Prefabricated 13219E0844-1
Plate, Floor, Prefabricated Storag 13218E8089
Angle, Vertical Corner, Prefabrica 13219E0844-2
Clamp, Corner, Prefabricated Stora MILC14522
Angle, Roof Corner, Prefabricated 13219E0844-3
Clamp, Door Section, Prefabricated 13218E8078
Clamp, Panel, Prefabricated Storag 13218E8082
Clamp, Panel, Prefabricated Storag 13218E8083
Clamp, Floor And Wall, Prefabricat 13218E8088
Clamp, Door Section, Prefabricated 13218E8081
Brace Assembly 217
Screen, Platform-rack E5-19-715
Guy Assy 971-2
Guy And Adjuster As 4035-3
Clamp, Panel, Prefabricated Storag 13218E8087
Installation And Equipment Kit, S D5288-2JSHIELD
Revetment, Prefabricated B1
Riser, Portable B15
Bleacher, Portable FS1024
Panel, Side And Roof, Prefabricate MILC14522
Panel, Door 13218E8076
Channel, Prefabricated Storage Ca 13218E8085
Bleacher, Portable RRB425
Clamp, Panel, Prefabricated Storag 13218E8086
Latrine Box, Prefabricated MIL-L-36115
Column, Revetment MIL-R-28653
Stringer, Stiffener UNIT4-10GA10FTLG
Channel, Connecting, Revetment UNITN05
Stringer, Bottom, Revetment UNIT4-16GA10FTLG
Platform 112-6A
Plate, Base 3/16THKX13-1/4SQ
Panel, Security Enclosure 408
Stage, Portable 11A43
Screen Assembly C10-262-050
Bleachers, Telescopic ACCUROLL/75-10
Screen Assembly 8455169
Bleacher, Portable RR-B-425
Bleacher, Portable BLA10A18GV
Bleacher, Portable 996
Bleacher, Portable BGL3A15
Bleacher, Portable RR-B-425
Bleacher, Portable 2307
Bleacher, Portable 2308
Bleacher, Portable 2311
Bleacher, Portable NB-0318ASTD
Bleacher, Portable BLG10A-8FT
Bleacher, Portable 2178
Bleacher, Portable BLG5A15
Bleacher, Portable 2312
Module, Soundproof 0507
Module, Soundproof 0406
Room, Module, Sound 0504
Panel, Security Enclosure SP-508
Stage Modules 48INX48FTX65IN 12UNITS H8X16X24I
Screen, Platform-rack 10064347-101
Screen, Platform-rack 10064350-101
Stage, Mobile MSW2024
Stage, Portable Folding 11F042KK
Stage, Portable S223300
Band Pit Cover S-2800-2C
Cross Member, Upper LLCZ21868
Cross Member, Lower LLCZ21869
Mezzanine, Prefabricated 480608SG
Mezzanine, Prefabricated 90100SG
Mezzanine, Prefabricated 90120SG
Mezzanine, Prefabricated 91016SG
Mezzanine, Prefabricated 91072SG
Stairway, Mezzanine 936F16
Bulkhead Assy 5015462
Storage Unit, Safety MODEL 22
Bleacher, Portable 1527G
Frame Beam 500667ADB
Frame Beam 500665ADB
Frame Beam 50-0004
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A653
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A446GRADED G60-24IN.
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A653
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A653
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A653 G-90
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A446 GRADE D-G-60
Installation And Equipment Kit, S MK-2727/G
Installation And Equipment Kit, S MK-2726/G
Bleacher, Portable DLW10-15
Paneling Material, Building ASTM A653
Retaining Cap, Insulation 20202030
Installation And Equipment Kit, S MK-2780/G
Bleacher, Portable 1540T
Latrine Box, Prefabricated 8719904-200
Support Assembly, Panel 5265838
Tube Assembly, Platform 406-070-024-111
Box, Step, Storage 9580624-10
Gabion, Wire Mesh Z8/2.7 2M X 1M X 1M
Installation And Equipment Kit, S A3150921
Fighting Position O 45.000.000
Table, Folding, Prefabricated Buil ALTB3972H
Bench, Folding, Prefabricated Buil B6FLP-TAN

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