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Bridges, Fixed And Floating - FSC 5420

Special Bridge Erection Equipment; Bridge Floats And Pontoons; Tramways; Trestles.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Curb Torsion Shaft 13207E1839-4
Slide Assembly, Center 13216E9828
Slide Assembly, Front, Starboard 13216E9820
Slide, Port, Aft 13216E9819
Slide Assembly, Center 13216E9827
Slide Assembly, Rear 13216E9818
Pin Assembly, Ponton, Gunwale And 13208E9877
Plate, Bearing, Balk Connecting St MIL-P-52101
Stiffener Assembly, Balk Connecti MIL-S-52098
Cylinder, Hydraulic M52464TY 5,ST B
Cylinder, Hydraulic 0080
Wrench, Cylinder Rod Flats 13211E3202
Bridge, Floating SC5420-97-E46
Tie Rod Assy, Ramp TIP00374-10JUN70
Retainer, Bridge Pin 122-2298838 PIECE 165
Retainer, Bridge Pin MIL-R-52243
Retainer, Bridge Pin MIL-R-52243
Retainer, Bridge Pin C13207E9894-0177INX5 9-16IN
Ring Piston SC1249022
Supplementary Set SC5420-97CLE51M-AP
Transporter, Ribbon Bridge 2280
Bridge, Floating MILB52734
Skirt Assembly, Bow, Pneumatic Hal MILP11386
Case, Carrying, Pneumatic Half Flo DL13212E3038
Eye, Connecting Bar, Pneumatic Hal D7847-4-7
Repair Kit, Emergency, Pneumatic H 7847-3(-3-4)
Filler Panel Assembly, Pneumatic MILP11386
Halter Assembly, Pneumatic Half F DL13212E3035
Filler Panel, Bow, Left, Pneumatic MILP11386
Filler Panel, Bow, Right, Pneumatic MILP11386
Skirt Assembly, Bow, Pneumatic Hal MILP11386
Skirt Assembly, Stern, Pneumatic H MILP11386
Support, Bow Flap Corner, Pneumati 4455
Roller, Rubberized, Pneumatic DL13215E9750
Shaft 982474
Deck, Extrusion 7884-66-1
Hub, Flanged, Inner 227300
Carrier Assembly 6775691
Bridge, Floating SC5420-98-E35
Maintenance Set, Mobile Floating SC5420-97CLE48B
Bridge Erection Set, Fixed Bridge SC542097E53
Bridge, Fixed SC5420-98-E52
Adapter Kit, Hydraulic Tester 13207E3379
Handle Release 13211E3137
Shield Assembly 13211E7892
Bracket Pushing, Bow Attachment MILB52690
Catch, Safety Latch 13215E6088
Cylinder Assy, Tongu 980788
Cap, Hydraulic, Reservoir 13217E8519
Tool, Test, Bay Leak 13219E4303
Swing Assembly, Hatch 13211E3155
Cylinder Assy Hydru MILC52464
Cylinder Head, Launcher 13211E7876
Pontoon Boat D5274-1T033
Pontoon Boat D7812-1T07RIVETED
Bridge, Floating SC5420-97E28
Bridge, Floating SC5420-93CLE03
Bridge Conversion Set, Fixed Brid SC5420-97-E29
Bridge Erection Set, Floating Bri SC5420-98-E30
Tramway Set, Aerial SC5420-97CLE32
Bag, Bailey Bridge Parts And Tool D2526-2
Repair Equipment, Aluminum Floati SC5420-97CLE31
Pin, Panel 13220E0200
Pin, Panel 13220E0202
Guide Assembly, Marker, Bridge 13220E0150
Deck MIL-B-52763
Brace, Sway MIL-B-52763
Beam Assembly, Bankseat 13220E5717
Basket Assembly, Equipment 13220E0140
Bag, Equipment 13220E0130
Panel Assembly, Top 13220E5701
Panel Assembly, Junction 13220E0020
Panel Assembly, End Taper 13220E5707
Bar Assembly, Launching 13220E6268
Panel Erection Aid MIL-E-52764
Bar, Carrying MIL-E-52764
Plate, Base, Double Story 13220E6266
Seat, Building Frame, Jack MIL-E-52764
Roller Assembly, Landing 13220E0560
Support, Jacking MIL-E-52764
Support Assembly, Fixed, Roller Be MIL-E-52764
Ferry Conversion Set, Raft SC5420-98-E05
Pin, Bracing 13220E0201
Pontoon Float MILP11386
Pontoon Float DL13212E3020
Bridge Erection Set, Floating Bri SC5420-97CLE09
Lug, Tie Down 13219E3027
Strap Assembly 3118021A260-018
Strap Assembly FE 14022A276-020
Cable, Extractor 13220E2853
Sling 13220E2852
Adapter, Saddle, Deck Balk 13218E9941
Adapter, Saddle, Deck Balk 13218E9942
Depressor, Hydraulic Bak D7984 1-2
Beam, Center Section MIL-S-12840
Beam, End Section MIL-S-12840
Beam, Outrigger MIL-S-12840
Cap Adapter, Tower, Cable D2775-6T08
Panel, End MIL-S-12840

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