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Prefabricated And Portable Buildings - FSC 5410

Prefabricated Panels; Inflatable Shelters; Metal Screens And Metal Windows.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Door Assembly, Shelter 3096500-014-101
Door Assembly, Shelter 3096500-010-101
Lift Fitting, Center Section 3096100-044-1
Door Assembly, Shelter 3096510-011-103
Door Assembly, Shelter 3096510-011-104
Door Assembly, Shelter 3096510-012-101
Panel Assembly, End Wall, Shelter 3096420-001-101
Panel Assembly, Swingout Wall, She 3096410-002-101
Panel Assembly, Swingout Wall, She 3096410-001-101
Panel Assembly, Swingout Wall, She 3096410-001-102
Jack, Leveling, Shelter 3096200-156-101
Panel Assembly, Swingout, Wall, She 3096400-001-106
Panel Assembly, Foldout, Roof, Shel 3096300-003-105
Panel Assembly, Foldout Floor, She 3096300-001-109
Locating Device, Col 69D1921
Jamb Flashing, Personnel Door 69D2011-2
Arch Counterflashing, Hanger 69E2037
Column Assembly, Hanger 69F1843-2
Support Assembly, Co 71D3360-10
Door Assembly, Right 69F1817-2
Latch, End Wall 69F1774-2
Ground Flashing, Endwall 69D2008-1
Jamb Flashing, Truck Door 69D1992-101
Jamb Flashing, Truck Door 69D1992-102
Jamb Flashing, Truck Door 69D1991-101
Jamb Flashing, Truck Door 69D1991-102
Column Assembly, Utility Shelter 69D1623
Seal, Personnel Door 69C1815-4
Seal, Personnel Door 69C1815-1
Column Assembly, Utility Shelter 69D1624
Locating Device, Column 69D1924
Extender Assembly, Header 69D1828-1
Extender Assembly, Header 69D1828-2
Locking Plate, Truck Door 69D1699
Column Assembly, Type R-1 69E1602
Door Assembly, Truck 69E1912
Door Assembly, Truck 69E1911
Door Assembly, Truck 69E1876
Door Assembly, Truck 69E1875
Column Assembly, Type N-2 69E1619
Panel Flashing, Doorhead 69E2023
Base Pad, Type A 69F1851
Endwall Counterflashing 69J2039
Flashing, Ridge 71C3350
Panel, Flashing, Bottom Edge 71D3337-10
Panel, Flashing, Bottom Edge 71D3337-30
Jamb Flashing, Door Side Panel 71D3352-20
Jamb Flashing, Door Side Panel 71D3352-10
Panel, Flashing, Bottom Edge 71D3357-10
Panel, Flashing, Bottom Edge 71D3357-20
Panel Assembly, Type 4 71E3341
Panel Flashing, Shelter 71E3343-10
Panel Flashing, Shelter 71E3343-20
Panel Flashing, Edge 71E3336-40
Panel Flashing, Edge 71E3336-30
Panel Flashing, Edge 71E3336-20
Panel Flashing, Edge 71E3336-10
Flashing, Panel 71E3349-10
Panel Assembly, Shelter 71E3342-20
Panel Assembly, Shelter 71E3345-10
Panel Assembly, Shelter 71E3345-20
Panel Assembly, Shelter 71E3346
Door Brace Assembly SCD595078
Box, Shelter Z24-30
Insert, Shelter SL601-5-12C
Web Net, Shelter 697899-2
Jack End, Fixed 5-4-2047AND5-4-2048ITEM26
Support Assembly, Sh 5-4-2068-30
Jack Assembly, Shelt 5-4-2047-27
Plenum Assembly Shelter H4595D200
Building, Prefabricated, Ready-cut D8770-1-33
Plate And Eyebolt Assembly SC-C-595076
Mount, Storage, Klyst 41G274
Partition, Shelter 41G434
Building, Prefabricated, Ready-cut 1373
Cap, Fresh Air Inlet CSC143
Sprocket Assembly, L 41G826
Clamp Assembly, Foldout Panel 1584677
Floor Attachment, Shelter 6664-4-223-1
Floor, Attachment Assembly 360505-011
Adapter Assembly, Return Duct 6664-4-227-1
Table, Folding SM-C-477255
Panel Assembly, Expandable 375N500-001-103
Curtain Assembly SMC478682
Cover Assembly 41206DWGSMD46913
Material, Repair MIL-C-43285C TY 1 CL 1
Roller, Rubber 889444-16
Building, Prefabricated, Panelized M0NEA5410-1-15-3
Window, Metal 3W14153D
Rod Assembly, Connec 41G655
Cover Assy 694484-1
Adapter 889423-1
Rod Assembly, Adjustable 60606E7387
Bracket Assembly SC-B-781181
Angle, Special, Shelter SM-B-435940-2
Angle, Special, Shelter SM-B-435940-1
Panel, Floor CGS102
Lanyard, Shelter 6001615-503
Bracket, End Panel, Stowage 6000365-1
Lanyard, Shelter 6001615-501

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