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Hardware, Weapon System - FSC 5342

Adapters; Anchor Plates And Straps; Anodes; Bellows; Couplings; Control Rods; Access Doors; Fairleads; Mounts; Tie Rods; Yokes.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lever Manual Control 39986
Latch, Teletypewriter 40187
Bracket, Scope 3825415-3
Bracket, Relay Box 5825675-7
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 561-125
Bracket, Line Support 4P33149-101A
Bracket, Ladder, Empennage Access 4F41243-123A
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862069
Bracket, Anti-vibration, Air Tube 4028T34P01
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 4033-1
Bracket, Valve Outlet C-42651-1
Lockplate, Exhaust Outlet 105751
Latch, Ejector 12Z2304-1
Bracket, Left Hand Engine 11070654
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 11074551
Bracket, Manifold 50-910471-3
Bracket, Support 4P32240-101A
Bracket, Bearing 402192
Bracket, Bearing 401416-1
Plug, Protective, Dust L-10WL
Clip, Plastic 344-0111-00
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System N6300-2
Clevis 2384211-2
Crank, Emergency Release 2445318
Latch, Landing Gear Control 2445888
Crank, Gear Control 2445891
Hinge 2446574-501
Hinge 2446574-502
Hinge 2446574-503
Arm, Hand Crank 3386528-1
Leaf, Hinge, Bomb Bay 4439534-1
Leaf, Hinge, Bomb Bay 4439573-1
Leaf, Hinge, Bomb Bay 4439573-2
Tab Hinge, Aileron 4443127-501
Tab Hinge, Aileron 4443127-503
Tab Hinge, Aileron 4443127-505
Crank 4444741
Leaf, Hinge, Trailing 4445141-501
Leaf, Hinge, Trailing 4445141-502
Leaf, Hinge, Trailing 4445141-504
Cleat, Special 216-17052-3
Hinge, Tab, Rudder 70422-1
Hinge, Assy 89P1034-1
Hinge, Assy 177223L
Bracket 452548
Retainer, Retract Arm 4G14507-101A
Bracket 6705757
Bracket 230730
Bracket 170841
Bracket 19H164-2
Bracket 62G180-1
Bracket 65H920-2
Latch, Adapter 8407831
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 10745F
Clamp, Ring 1084317
Receptacle, Quick Release Pin A4S1B1-100
Cap, Pin, Rigid 6852483
Bracket, Hoist 372838-1
Holder, Circuit Board 35-1B2-11-3
Holder, Circuit Board 427221-06
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System L22BA1-0
Fastener, Threaded 604D2-38F39
Ring 467025
Plug, Anode Retaining MIL-A-19521
Hinge, Canopy Door 305-318072-4
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System L64AA16
Support, Panel 8513785
Hinge, Fwd Ramp S6122-85139-2
Retainer, Harness, Kn 12M4099-7
Retainer, Harness, Kn 12M4099-9
Cap, Filler Opening 37810-1
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 7438658P1
Bracket, Strut And Fairing 369A6200-17
Latch, Special K663020029
Bracket, Lavatory Drain Support 4E77023-101A
Bracket, Lavatory Drain Support 4E77024-101A
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 24540-300
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved U3308-581SH
Track, Drawer 9185047
Bracket, Mounting, Night Vision De 11635905
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 283P155LB
Strap 1819200-001
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 69518-275
Fairlead, Tubular 10888604
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System VMA3662-1
Bracket, Sheave 609988-2
Bracket, Sheave 609988-1
Hook, Spring 452269
Bracket, Flowmeter 589784
Latch, Tape Retainer 300600
Latch, Armature 300480
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System SM-B-601392
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System SM-C-601394
Rod End Assembly 6465-62135-041
Tie Rod, Tensioning, Threaded End R1-2TW
Bolt, Latch G379222
Slide, Tilting, Steel 110QDP18-2
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System HT0890-3
Plate, Nut 0N08896
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 75-815241-3

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