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Hardware, Weapon System - FSC 5342

Adapters; Anchor Plates And Straps; Anodes; Bellows; Couplings; Control Rods; Access Doors; Fairleads; Mounts; Tie Rods; Yokes.
Last Modified: Oct 22, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Latch, Towbar Extension 61A102B693
Bracket, Brake 5H6014
Bracket 692607
Cover Assembly SC-B-599460
Plug, Special 0921447
Clip 50044-1015
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 621-400SH
Clamp 4507415
Clamp G243616-6
Bracket, Hoist Fitting 3447579-1
Bracket, Hoist Fitti 3447579-2
Bracket, Wing Joint, Beam Cap 370526-4
Bracket, Wing Joint, Beam Cap 370526-3
Boot, Duct 369244-3
Boot, Connector 5040-0410
Bracket, Indicator 657008-3
Bracket, Adjusting 9192238
Bracket, Cable 590176
Bracket, Loop Clamp 572184
Bracket, Oil Cooler 576232
Bracket, Ignition Ex 589423
Bracket, Loop Clamp 572186
Clip, Special S1278-2
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 0411059-3
Clevis 1560506-7
Ring, Special A1636-6
Clamp, Assy 354-0212-00
Bracket, Serrated 12L015-9
Cap, Special 10-70551-12
Clamp, Cable 54220657
Spring, Retaining 12E2593-7
Plug Assembly 16510
Zeroing Pin Assembly 510R878G01
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System J-11643-2
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 114SS669-1
Hinge, Plate 2451820
Hinge Assembly, Bunk 375808-1
Cap Assembly 1825-24
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 752768-8
Clip, Nutating Plate 5146
Link, Hinge A02S8040-27
Bracket, Junction Box 3003T06P01
Bracket, Junction Box 3003T04P01
Clip, Nutating Plate 4879
Bracket, Valve 14516
Ring 4857829
Clip 1464579-2400
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved MVT59542-400
Tie Rod, Tensioning, Threaded End 717898-1
Bracket, Switch, Winc BL4022
Clamp 350602R1
Bracket And Bi-meta 45D57
Bracket, Assembly, Oi 209-060-528-17
Bracket, Mirror Viewing 65201-02051-042
Bracket, Mirror Viewing 65201-02051-041
Bracket 37801
Bracket, Slide 37525
Lock, Slide Right Ha 38533
Bracket, Control Mounting 4P33165-101A
Ring, Retainer NAS51-98P
Bracket, Mounting Receptacle 379392-1
Bracket, Angle, Engin 611498
Bracket 408187-1
Bracket 408185-1
Bracket, Scavenge Oil Tube 6842838
Bracket 15060
Bar, Index 0N020723
Bar, Index 0N020735
Snap Hook Assy 199-15-1
Latch 107S8430-17
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 57941-200
Tab Lock, Starter 357214
Dashpot 121909
Bracket, Oil Tube 6844787
Bracket, Ignition Un 1-160-509-04
Bracket, Mounting Co 1-160-352-01
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 34J20-275
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 34J20-250
Bracket, Switch 50A74005
Bracket, Fuel Heater, Front 579940
Bracket, Fuel Filter 581563
Plug, Special S1396-3
Strip, Guide 022-26848-01
Hook, Electrical 952101-0002
Retainer, Panel 022-29651-02
Hinge, Tail Cone 916560-101
Hinge, Tail Cone 916560-102
Fairlead, Tubular 60C6030-3
Support, Slide Assy 2205858G1
Strap Retainer 293D6080006-3
Lock, Screw 1612289-1
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System FB470
Latch, Carriage Return 6002-132
Arm, Magnet Assembly 38913
Arm Magnet Assembly 38912
Boot, Filter 137846
Bracket, Pulley, Wing 4C17970-101A
Bracket, Wire Support 4P33078-101A
Bracket, Wire Support 4P33079-101A
Bracket, Hydraulic Reverser 4P32072-101A

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