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Hardware, Weapon System - FSC 5342

Adapters; Anchor Plates And Straps; Anodes; Bellows; Couplings; Control Rods; Access Doors; Fairleads; Mounts; Tie Rods; Yokes.
Last Modified: Jan 26, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket, Anti-rotation 975835-1
Strap Webbing Assembly FDC3605M48-3
Strap Webbing Assembly FDC3605M47-1
Bracket, Fuel Tube To Case 6869825-1
Bracket, Quick Disc 21653408
Clip, Special 8079-31
Handle Assembly 10246201
Leaf, Hinge, Extruded A51B48510-12
Plug, Anode Retaining NG4795PC16
Bracket 328509
Clip, Ball, Spring A32785
Clip, Tube 5161874
Bracket, Harness A02R2491-11
Post 332032
Rod, End RU41373
Rod, End RU41374
Insert 778-9685-001
Bracket, Left Hand SK100086-1
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 39-25184-1
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 39-25184-4
Plate 1401A
Bracket, Turbine 5014M55P1
Bracket, Turbine 332C446P165
Bracket, Turbine 3010M74P1
Bracket, Turbine 696D351P1
Bracket, Contact 92422
Crank, Weapons Rail A51M60590-12
Handle, Transformer 118677
Strap, Mounting CS653B5
Mount, Resilient, Weapon System 554-4120-003
Lamp Support 5855000033230
Bracket, Turbine 3012M18P1
Bracket, Turbine 5010M89G1
Bracket, Turbine 5009M64G1
Bracket, Turbine 5010M90P1
Bracket, Turbine 3010M94P01
Bracket, Turbine 3008M33P1
Bracket, Turbine 5007M53G4
Bracket, Turbine 5007M53G3
Bracket, Turbine 869C179G1
Bracket, Turbine 5009M11P5
Bracket, Turbine 575C292G3
Bracket, Turbine L11562P01
Bracket, Turbine 5009M11P3
Bracket 336191
Piston, Dashpot A51G30536-11
Door, Access, Weapon System A51K56608-1
Door, Access, Weapon System A51K56608-2
Rod Tie A83109
Anode, Corrosion Preventive 28G890-3PC3
Hinge 59-229-2
Hanger Single C SL0105TXL
Clamp, Push-pull 601SS
Door, Access, Weapon System E5-19-4980
Door, Access, Weapon System E5-19-4996
Piston, Dashpot A51G30542-11
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved STYLE78-1-1-4GRT
Bracket, Switch Mounting 6868753
Cover, High Voltage 681156-1
Strap, Shipping 755B826G1
Plunger ES0463-1
Plunger ES0463-2
Bolt, Safety Lock 311C
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 13253-981
Bedding Strip TD1074-1
Bedding Strip TD1074-3
Bedding Strip TD1074-4
Bedding Strip TD1074-8
Crank, Turbine 518D169P1
Bracket, Guide MB300-398
Bracket, Guide MB300-399
Anchor Strap 2633169
Bracket, Oil Cooler 3600700-1
Cover, High Voltage 681156-2
Hinge, Film Magazine 3008756-047-2
Bracket, Turbine 5010M99P1
Bracket, Turbine MS9104-16
Clip, Turbine 111R603P05
Clip, Turbine 111R603P11
Bracket, Turbine 706B149G2
Bracket, Turbine 5019M20P01
Bracket, Turbine 3015M73G02
Bracket, Turbine 517D700P01
Bracket, Turbine 696D358G1
Bracket, Turbine L14028P01
Bracket, Turbine L14028P02
Bracket, Turbine L11565P01
Bracket, Turbine 3010M71P1
Bracket, Turbine 5010M80P1
Bracket, Turbine L11564P01
Bracket, Turbine L11555G01
Bracket, Turbine L11563P01
Piston, Dashpot A51G30530
Fairlead, Cooler Suction Line A51H30115-1
Hinge Pin Assembly 1C2771-34G1
Clip Special 35-7B2-3-2
Strap 4G11014-109A
Coupling, Clamp, Grooved 4563-200
Insert, Special AGS3734
Bracket, Special B307202

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