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Hardware, Commercial - FSC 5340

Access Covers; Bumpers; Casters; Cabinet And Door Hardware; Clevises; Hinges; Latches; Straps And Strapping; Turnbuckles; Webbed Straps.
Last Modified: Jan 20, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Clip, Spring Tension NAS1464-086-04C
Clip, Spring Tension NAS1464-062-05C
Clip, Spring Tension NAS1464-059-04C
Clip, Spring Tension NAS1464-059-06C
Bracket, Angle SS1090-03
Bracket, Angle 1419316S12000
Bracket, Mounting 52D110-1
Strap, Retaining 6850871
Bracket, Double Angle 585527
Standoff, Threaded, Spacing 475664-1
Strike 0N088790-4
Plug, Protective, Dust And Moistur EP12
Plug, Protective, Dust And Moistur NAS820-10A
Plug, Protective, Dust And Moistur NAS820-14A
Plug, Protective, Dust And Moistur NAS820-22A
Hinge, Butt A1615511
Latch, Arm 1159374
Seat, Helical Compression Spring 1459-589717
Bracket, Angle 10043961
Plate, Mounting 9150701
Latch, Gun Travel Lock 10925888
Clip, Retaining N271-025PC142583
Strap, Retaining 8626347
Bracket, Angle 10543765
Strike, Catch H515-1
Hardware Kit, Electronic Equipmen AK9312
Bracket, Angle 766105-1
Latch Set, Mortise 389719-19
Hook, Support A07S4104-3
Standoff, Threaded, Spacing F60B1602
Clip, Spring Tension 1533547
Clamp, Synchro 10220-003
Strap, Retaining TA10036D84
Strap, Retaining TA10036D62
Clamp, Instrument Mounting NH1002261-10
Catch, Clamping 205-S
Clamp, Loop 626328
Catch, Friction 250-042-0002
Plunger Assembly, Re 0N088913
Connector, Rod End 9786E64A2
Clip, Retaining 148146
Clip, Retaining 148154
Strap, Retaining 209-070-462-9
Clamp, Loop TA1718SS10T
Closer, Door 400216
Clamp, Synchro 10623098-3
Disk, Solid, Plain S8157N433-005
Cover, Access 370772
Bracket, Double Angle 548-7141-003
Handwheel 04533
Slide Section, Drawer, Extension 1243672
Seat, Ball Socket 267543
Seat, Helical Compression Spring 267544
Seat, Ball Socket 267545
Seat, Helical Compression Spring 267546
Seat, Ball Socket 267547
Connector, Rod End 8511-1
Bar, Extension, Pipe Hanger 6841453
Seat, Helical Compression Spring 6846109
Seat, Helical Compression Spring C26605-3
Seat, Helical Compression Spring C26601-4
Seat, Helical Compression Spring C26601-17
Seat, Helical Compression Spring C26603-5
Seat, Helical Compression Spring C26603-11
Seat, Helical Compression Spring HP712116-1
Panel, Blank 2083375-0001
Holder, Spring 581518-1
Holder, Spring 581518-2
Spacer, Signal Gener 7345
Dust Cap Assy 8181
Lever, Lock-release 8407786
Pad, Obturator 8769484
Cover, Access 2025805-0001
Cover, Access 0697060-0002REV G
Standoff, Threaded, Spacing 100870
Strap, Retaining 29-28031-5
Retainer, Helical Compression Spr 3C24887-101
Retainer, Helical Compression Spr 3C24887-103
Retainer, Rail, Right 0N020428
Retainer, Rail, Left 0N020466
Lever, Door Release 0N020307
Lever, Lock-release 0N020319
Cover, Access 9191090
Clamp, Synchro 10124485
Clevis, Rod End 11040250-1
Bracket, Mounting 209-030-244-5
Clevis, Rod End MIL-DTL-45918A
Strap, Webbing 199-14-2
Clamp, Synchro A2257M1079
Cover, Access MD9178055
Standoff, Threaded, Spacing 215-37723-1
Turnbuckle Body 107R3558-14
Standoff, Threaded, Spacing 107S2323-3
Hinge, Butt A02S8040-17
Hinge, Access Door 107S5322-15
Hinge, Access Door 107S5322-16
Cover, Access 50362-5243
Standoff, Threaded, Spacing 454365
Cap, Protective, Dust And Moisture 199-6
Clamp, Loop 102955

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