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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Seal, Cover, Antenna 166F325-5
Seal, Nonmetallic Channel 12728-2PCC57
Gasket 081-49238
Gasket 5S4601
Retainer, Packing 7-239E540-80
Packing, Preformed Q4024-559N
Packing, Preformed Q4014-366Y
Gasket S9809-8
Gasket 6AX2-14
Packing, Preformed 012828600F
Gasket 9595
Packing AD649
Seal P16735C
Packing 5152290-00
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 6-1-1949-35-28
Packing F108602-18
Gasket A026502
Gasket E108649-3
Retainer, Packing 3088557-1-1
Packing, Preformed N0506 0204-5078
Packing, Preformed 32-411723-218
Gasket 81168
Retainer, Packing AS8791-455
Gasket 911(1-3/8IDX2ODX3/16TK
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip 67A58A182
Seal 40071108
Packing Material MIL-P-24377/06
Packing, Preformed Q4344-388D
Gasket 69443-1
Seal 31013
Seal, Plain Encased 4460114
Retainer, Packing 166-026
Retainer, Ring 22-678-606
Packing Assembly 034221
Packing, Preformed 034222
Gasket 64444-5
Gasket 64444-6
Gasket 64444-7
Gasket 64444-8
Gasket 64444-9
Gasket 69445-1
Gasket 69469-1
Gasket 69486-1
Gasket 69659-1
Gasket A01883
Gasket A01659
Retainer, Packing 10-09960-04
Seal Kit 10-21815-07
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha 3911801027
Gasket 514R072H01
Seal, Reset Rod, Heat Exchanger 801373-1
Gasket A51P60484-11
Packing, Preformed 0RH015
Seal Assembly, Slat, Trailing Edge 4J12283-718B
Seal Assembly, Slat, Trailing Edge 4J12283-719B
Seal Assembly, Slat, Leading Edge 4J12282-720B
Seal Assembly, Slat, Leading Edge 4J12282-719B
Seal Assembly, Slat, Leading Edge 4J12282-718B
Seal Assembly, Slat, Leading Edge 4J12282-717B
Seal Assembly, Slat, Trailing Edge 4J12283-717B
Gasket EOI-003252-04-03-1-SPD
Gasket EOI-001126-03-03-1-SPF
Ring, Wiper 8-0075N517-9
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip 10932296
Rubber Round Section N2562-43142
Gasket A3445
Seal, Support A51B35072-1
Seal, Support A51B35072-2
Seal, Support A51B35072-13
Seal, Support A51B35072-15
Packing, Preformed BBR-14201076
Packing, Preformed M832481015
Packing With Retainer C11E450-01
Packing With Retainer C11E212-01
Packing With Retainer NAS1523-4B
Packing With Retainer NAS1523-3/B
Seal, Plain 483508-2
Packing R48767
Gasket Set 983580R92
Gasket 3164825
Gasket 1407-0026
Packing With Retainer 649199-10
Gasket 3019T43P01
Seal, Plain Encased 537736
Gasket 112682
Packing, Preformed 1710577-2
Gasket 12556-1
Ring, Wiper CEC401-214
Gasket 2643703
Gasket 38320451
Gasket 417964-3
Retainer, Packing 4011-4
Gasket 620-1695-001
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed MS28932C60-12
Gasket 8S5067
Gasket 4023573-1
Packing 3634-210-11-70
Gasket 38-401-042
Seal, Plain Encased 391-2883-094
Gasket 08-501-001

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