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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Jan 22, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Seal, Plain Encased 00044
Seal, Plain Encased 10174931
Seal, Plain PLH20096D001ITEM8
Rubber Strip 10932239-4
Seal, Plain LPD9273H1L5
Gasket 766969-1
Packing, Preformed 2-125
Packing, Preformed 804V
Gasket 7236680P005
Seal, Plain 11894LPD
Seal 15151
Packing, Preformed 164-846
Packing, Preformed 15211
Gasket 202685
Gasket 70689
Gasket 14099-34
Gasket 14099-35
Gasket 08698-0012
Seal, Plain Encased 53X2708
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip 405793
Retainer 206760
Seal 208069
Seal 788034
Seal 788008
Packing Material MIL-P-24377/11
Seal 227679
Packing, Preformed D28218-30
Packing, Preformed 9-437-100070
Gasket 1149722
Gasket 1149812
Seal, Assembly 370-7024
Retainer, Packing 197598
Seal, Special 1001142129
Seal, Special AGS1186-10
Seal, Special B724-1018
Packing, Preformed SP901B10
Packing, Preformed SP900B8
Packing, Preformed GD1309-6
Seal, Special 1297-550
Seal, Special 1365-569
Gasket 1365-572
Seal, Oil B100062
Gasket SP254EAB
Seal, Air Compressor 3014020
Seal Assembly, Side Panel 472P400C068-1
Gasket 419737-1
Gasket 2700E-9374
Packing, Preformed 333045
Packing, Preformed 6575K
Gasket 002-19-14-0001-0002
Packing, Preformed S12956-331
Packing, Preformed R2-008-00
Packing, Preformed R2-210-00
Packing, Preformed R2-256-00
Packing, Preformed R2-264-00
Gasket 50700810
Seal 687659
Seal 687630
Seal, Plain Encased 151444
Packing, Preformed 301162-2500PC7
Packing, Preformed 301162-2500PC4
Gasket D3C157A
Gasket CS653C32
Packing, Preformed ED25-68
Packing, Preformed 70065
Gasket UH11519
Gasket Set 8S7067
Gasket 73C144
Gasket 50378
Seal Kit 41007-900
Packing, Preformed 383V806
Gasket 625F1-4
Seal, Plain 025-056-04/07-0000
Packing, Preformed 78171-903
Retainer, Packing 2007T78P01
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip 3041916-684-1
Gasket 3105022-1-1
Seal Ring, Metal H7703PC73
Gasket 5601-9920-002
Gasket 5601-9920-001
Seal, Horizontal Stabilizer A51B35085-11
Seal, Horizontal Stabilizer A51B35085-13
Seal, Horizontal Stabilizer A51B35084-11
Seal, Horizontal Stabilizer A51B35084-15
Gasket 839677
Packing, Preformed 31768PC7
Gasket SK12-70
Gasket 50000102
Gasket B32982GSKT
Packing, Preformed Q4046-514CS
Packing, Preformed Q4344-514AD
Packing, Preformed Q4348-514AD
Packing Assortment, Preformed 9752100024
Gasket 77705M18LH
Seal 39538
Gasket 324042-1
Gasket A51B71023-13
Gasket A51P60484-13
Gasket K610110-11
Seal, Annalog Display Indicator 1128AB40209-11

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