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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Jan 19, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Packing GV41-415-26
Seal PRS520-1883-1
Seal CSA337-5-56
Gasket 362-502-9051
Gasket 12652
Gasket M19F706PC6
Gasket 19857
Seal Y02108809
Seal 2297HX
Packing 0030713
Seal F1400
Seal, Plain Encased 113426
Gasket 206676
Gasket 206677
Gasket 206411
Gasket RA17657
Gasket RB16804
Gasket X1014T60-57
Gasket UF5-15A
Gasket W27008
Gasket 1R16680
Ring, Wiper 38-403-106
Gasket 3105023-1-1
Gasket 3105092-1-1
Packing, Preformed N0506 0192-1080
Retainer, Packing 3119517-1
Gasket 1087-142
Gasket 1087-34
Packing, Preformed S1013-12
Packing, Preformed SMB508608
Seal, Plain Encased 63X7
Seal, Foot S30050-216
Packing, Preformed S9412-258
Seal, Special HDS1171-5-3
Gasket DH41057
Seal, Special FHS158-4
Retainer, Packing FHS103-4
Seal, Special HDS1171-5-9
Gasket DH41807
Packing, Preformed DH38259
Gasket DH38257
Seal, Special DH38727
Retainer, Packing DH38725
Retainer, Packing DH38721
Gasket DH41805
Seal, Special HDS1171-5-1
Seal, Special DH38765
Seal, Special HDS1171-7-3
Gasket 40-343-606
Gasket SUE17910
Gasket SUE17861
Gasket SUE16887
Packing, Preformed 162-0050-12
Rubber Round Section HP1118109-1
Rubber Strip N2562-42549-1
Seal, Plain Encased 63X6517R2
Retainer, Packing 215531PC22
Gasket N15865X
Retainer, Packing 8-254N300-9
Packing, Preformed 65103B
Packing, Preformed 1146-M PIECE 13 1 1/2 IN.
Packing, Preformed AC989
Gasket 95200-32
Gasket 6253
Gasket 2124499
Gasket 33014
Packing, Preformed JP2542-5
Packing, Preformed R2-157-00
Gasket F07971PC18
Seal, Nonmetallic Round Section ZSP5-504-70
Gasket 2S7472
Gasket 8S5093
Retainer, Packing 2772567-326
Gasket Set K1469
Seal 3J0634
Seal 0116160-00
Seal, Plain Encased 455011BT
Seal, Drive Stem 005-0145-51
Seal, Drive Stem 005-0117-51
Seal 4804G
Seal Kit 40102
Gasket 5-6179-18
Ring Seal 99-3210
Packing, Preformed 45-70775
Seal 45-70765
Seal 20001-256-0260
Seal 0116134-00
Seal 01161138-00
Seal, Plain Encased 825859
Seal Kit 296955C91
Seal, Plain 8762
Seal, Idler Pull 4255839-5
Gasket 7045097
Gasket 405772
Packing, Preformed 955219-2300
Packing, Preformed 55561
Packing, Preformed 55562
Packing Ram 916-45-2-393
Gasket A17430-2
Gasket 03174500

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