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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Jan 27, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gasket 17375
Retainer, Packing 420975-2
Packing Assembly 420973-1
Gasket, Special 5100118
Packing, Preformed AN6230B19
Seal, Plain AR105B11-430A1H
Seal, Plain AR105B10-810A1H
Seal, Plain AR10105-262A1H
Seal, Plain Encased 63X6551R2
Seal, Metal V 26998F MK-139
Seal, Plain Encased 63R2SPECIAL
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 105127
Packing, Preformed Q4226-445A
Packing, Preformed 01-408-0060-4-94
Packing, Preformed 335MT-160
Seal 570-415-01
Gasket 30011
Gasket 0199-0209-C
Gasket KS5420-38
Gasket 938635-08
Gasket 2630391
Seal, Plain Encased 525288
Gasket 68B23372
Seal Assy 79846-1
Gasket 23768-2
Gasket A51E20134-11
Retainer, Packing 420975-1
Seal, Plain Encased 50154
Seal, Nonmetallic Channel L20955-30P13
Gasket XA32
Gasket Set 2S8966
Retainer, Packing MS28774-027
Gasket E-61823-1
Gasket 633-0001-829
Seal, Plain Encased W3912-125
Gasket 481433-1
Packing With Retainer NAS1598C5Y
Packing With Retainer NAS1523-6Y
Seal, Plain Encased 416156SS0
Gasket 481495-1
Packing, Preformed QAP-00452
Gasket 0211-0000-1600
Packing, Preformed 13-679
Packing, Preformed 2-530
Gasket PK0010
Gasket PK1043
Seal 712-1230-763
Seal D1UZ4676A
Packing Assortment, Preformed 154638DV
Packing, Preformed 2-31003-026
Packing, Preformed 140100-243
Gasket 0275-0047C
Gasket 3L9032
Packing Material 77757-116-56
Gasket 30003
Gasket 31048
Gasket 31092
Seal, Static 38-303-027
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 4W21115-101A
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 60A52B137
Retainer, Packing 224320
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip 518R034H01
Gasket 4W21116-109A
Gasket 4W21116-107A
Gasket 4W21116-105A
Gasket 4W21116-103A
Gasket 4W21116-101A
Gasket 21779
Gasket 2416426
Gasket 820-2179382-39
Gasket 820-4530011-9B
Seal, Output Shaft 76489
Gasket N2562-42556-1
Gasket 746961-1
Gasket A51B71023-15
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 63152-1
Gasket B5474492P1
Packing, Preformed 481155-1
Seal, Plain 12797LDS
Gasket 10R973
Packing, Preformed PRP2102-39
Gasket 965D668PC8
Seal 357407
Gasket 3977-1
Gasket 490079
Gasket 00.00.08
Gasket 490077
Gasket 490076
Retainer, Packing 3013T37P01
Retainer, Packing 3013T37P04
Gasket 3104526-1-1
Gasket 3105093-1-1
Gasket 3105128-1-1
Gasket 11631529
Seal, Oil, Turbine 518D184P1
Seal, Nonmetallic Channel 2433550
Retainer, Packing AC9416-1D13
Gasket 307068-1
Packing, Preformed Q9MILR2765
Gasket GV88-827-11LT

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