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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Seal 6525206
Seal 201483
Gasket 11016
Seal Z20065C049
Gasket 1650B327
Gasket 17
Gasket 31
Seal, Ring 40
Packing, Valve AS113-18-041
Gasket S2407-533365-43
Packing, Preformed S555X99
Seal F1310-17
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 87537-1238
Packing, Preformed H7957PC732
Retainer, Packing 1-251-925
Gasket B1974
Gasket B5303
Packing, Preformed A2916FC
Retainer, Packing 53479
Packing Assembly 420973-2
Seal Kit PK322HLL01
Packing Material 65103C
Packing, Preformed A27-224L
Gasket 12-1422-XGJ
Gasket 3PK-1228-XTM
Gasket 36600-13
Seal, Lip, Plate Assy 870115
Gasket 11639247
Seal, Oil Turbine 105B6009P1
Seal, Air, Turbine 712B147P6
Seal, Air Turbine 3010M33G1
Seal, Air Turbine 518D149G2
Seal, Oil, Turbine 105B6011P1
Seal, Oil, Turbine 106C5126G2
Ring, Wiper GR540AM110
Packing, Preformed JDA121BN
Packing, Preformed 140BB24PC73
Gasket 2291012
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip 02117
Seal AF2907R
Seal AR101549
Gasket 67246
Gasket 10288-40
Gasket S684
Seal Assembly 645371-240
Seal, Hatch, Exit 4F60103-297A
Gasket G354420
Gasket 58978
Gasket 58981
Gasket SS246-19-8
Gasket 119B368H01
Gasket 119B369H01
Gasket 303515
Gasket 306095
Gasket X32827
Gasket 35640
Seal, Special B304497-3
Seal, Oil Turbine 106C5119G3
Seal, Oil Turbine 106C5120G3
Seal, Oil Turbine 706B582P1
Gasket 1556748
Ring, Wiper GR540AM343
Ring, Wiper CEC401-115-01
Gasket N2562-42648
Gasket A51P60481-11
Gasket A51P60350-13
Gasket NW5101-26
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 46-0589-1
Seal 5373
Gasket A6486-085-217
Gasket B200700056
Seal Assembly 20840
Seal 371497
Packing Assortment, Preformed DX111034PC251A
Seal 500-408-03
Packing, Preformed JMD5-281C
Packing, Preformed 2010888
Ring, Wiper 1P2278
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 4W21115-105A
Gasket 39-25111-1
Gasket 610414
Gasket 74553-1
Gasket 74647-1
Seal, Plain AR105012
Gasket NG4794PC30
Packing, Preformed A14-1-4
Seal, Oil 157174DPC26
Packing Assortment, Preformed 4500-10-V2125A
Retainer, Packing 8-343N300-90
Retainer, Packing 8-038N300-90
Packing With Retainer 636-61600
Retainer, Seal 10288-52
Seal, Plain Encased 55199
Gasket 2-100-084-03
Gasket 8600795-1
Gasket 419738-1
Gasket 1128P41545-11
Gasket 1128P41545-13
Packing, Preformed 3829K85P001
Retainer, Packing A51P40515-13

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