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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Jan 27, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Packing, Preformed V083003
Retainer, Seal, Wheel Well 4F75105-369B
Packing, Preformed 2-152C557-7
Ring, Wiper S11065-24-5
Seal, Plain 2097666PC113
Seal, Plain Encased PA3709ADX
Packing, Preformed D-102826
Packing, Preformed D48646
Packing, Preformed D53061
Packing, Preformed VP925256
Packing, Preformed VP925261
Seal, Plain 5001162
Gasket 081620-1
Seal, Face 004022
Seal, Special 5TYPE6-16
Retainer, Packing 8204160
Retainer, Seal 8204176
Seal, Special HP12M
Packing, Preformed 8005183-46
Packing, Preformed 2420739
Packing, Preformed Q4032-71417
Retainer, Packing A51C32533-11
Seal, Aero Fin Box A51B96128-29
Packing, Preformed 19828-1
Packing, Preformed 743A9MT987N
Gasket 103794
Packing, Preformed 29899PC10
Gasket JGS-72-K10
Rubber Strip G7298-105
Gasket SMB587724
Gasket MEL25
Gasket SMB587022P2
Seal, Plain Encased PA4050ADX
Seal PA4045ADX
Gasket 2104312475-9X
Cork Strip 27020
Gasket 32867
Packing, Preformed 39131-8
Gasket J3172122
Gasket 74824292-2
Gasket 5S6045
Gasket 5005734-007
Gasket 5005734-001
Gasket 5005734-006
Gasket LC8959
Seal 100-232
Packing 220-0400-0350
Seal Assembly AR41691
Seal, Plain Encased 62840SC
Seal, Plain Encased T22198
Seal, Plain Encased 001822T
Packing, Preformed AK23AK5013W2
Gasket 121SF34
Gasket 6D3356
Gasket T24534
Gasket Set AT21624
Gasket Set AT23198
Gasket 251718
Packing, Preformed 13771
Packing 26-244
Seal 32QJ226
Seal, Plain Encased 88AX327P2
Seal 27KH116
Seal 925-07522-000
Seal, Oil 187633
Gland, Packing S6925
Packing A21065
Packing 20404
Retainer, Packing S304-9
Seal, Plain Encased HPH1152
Seal, Plain Encased 450082
Retainer, Packing 9000S6202-73907-31
Packing, Preformed 5424131-1
Packing, Preformed 38-403-131
Gasket EOI-000750-03-03-1-SPB
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 546-6900-002
Felt, Mechanical, Preformed 546-6917-002
Gasket SMB500092
Seal Ring, Metal 000-142-000-308
Retainer, Seal, Panel 205-031-423-027
Seal, Plain 25001000
Seal Cap C14E2B210
Rubber Round Section ZSP5-504-48
Rubber Round Section ZSP5-504-59
Rubber Strip SMB586270
Gasket SMC587327P3
Seal, Plain Encased 471272RRR
Packing 437-0279
Seal 16766-01
Gasket 6200934-0C
Gasket 6200934-0A
Retainer, Seal 4F75360-713A
Gasket 6800-3098-1
Rubber Strip 119B209H01
Rubber Strip 131C704H01
Gasket 137C531H01
Gasket 137C613H01
Gasket 336D872H01
Gasket 336D876H01
Gasket 336D879H01

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