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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Jan 21, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer 6752-001
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha 069000245
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 11665311
Seal, Plain Encased SS1794
Gland, Reservoir, Indicator End 123HM10164-511
Seal, Plain 15075RUPH1L5
Gasket M26305006
Gasket P26305005
Gasket P26305003
Retainer, Packing 810711
Gasket M26303001
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 10907401-4
Seal SMD587323P4
Gasket SMB587454-1
Gasket 5330000011970
Gasket P26305007
Packing, Preformed P26305008
Gasket 8623263
Seal, Plain Encased 410101R
Seal, Plain Encased 410141
Packing, Preformed 605GMWA96NV17
Seal, Inner 993642C
Gasket MFI63
Seal 75469
Packing, Preformed 357709-1
Gasket 11642113
Sleeve, Seal, Coupler 4G14397-101A
Seal, Ring, Support A306558
Seal, Pylon, Inboard C307527
Seal, Pylon, Inboard C307528
Rubber Round Section 10938864-1
Rubber Round Section 10938924-1
Retainer, Packing 882508-7
Seal, Rubber Strip 002307
Gasket SMB587541
Seal, Oil C3AZ7052A
Oakum 9475K
Gasket 810516-1
Gasket SMB587483
Packing, Preformed 424829-4
Packing, Preformed 164-912
Seal, Outer 8623101
Seal 5CF94
Seal 61992 PIECE 8 4201B-SE 2IN
Ring Seal 23046598
Packing, Preformed 30A02-11
Gasket 5120896
Gasket L4-146
Packing, Preformed 5M122
Gasket F250-166
Seal 12-1874-3-28
Packing, Preformed 70930506
Gasket 4027752
Gasket And Seal Set 74028867-5
Packing, Preformed 4028875
Gasket Set 70277040-5
Gasket Set 4060745
Gasket 4027598
Gasket 74338943-9
Gasket Set 15663C95
Packing, Preformed JK56
Gasket 259057C1
Packing, Preformed 4016
Seal, Plain 4551344
Seal, Plain Encased 63X1819
Packing 490116
Packing, Preformed 22A2680
Gasket RU20760
Gasket 4015
Seal, Plain Encased 476273
Gasket 4021H1-1-2S539HI
Packing, Preformed DEM00030
Seal 14-03-265381
Gasket 42132-30
Packing With Retainer 882849-2
Gasket 975618-3
Gasket, Valve 975618-4
Gasket 6788
Packing, Preformed XA744AN
Packing, Preformed S9026L018
Gasket 4VCR2
Gasket 8568N11
Gasket 362-523-9021
Packing, Preformed 7150115M7
Gasket S2407-533362-15
Gasket 17337
Gasket 17582
Gasket 5143132
Gasket 5143148
Gasket 2624211
Thread Seal 06-303-034
Gasket 42132C641
Gasket 134C292H01
Packing, Preformed S10A210-185
Gasket 625A91-684
Seal Oil Double 71C62B
Packing, Preformed 41787-5
Seal Kit 4-2475-2-2
Seal, Nonmetallic Round Section 54A108331-8
Seal, Plain Encased 60782K

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