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Miscellaneous Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4940

Paint Spraying Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Degreaser 10000
Packing, Wiper Box 145-158238-999
Booth, Spraying PFB12-7T
Handle, Spray Gun PMBC428-3
Maintenance Platform 8-540
Demagnetizer 1283028-1
Basket, Cleaning B056595045-01
Ultrasonic Cleaner B056595085-01
Cleaning Station, R B056595107-01
Spray Outfit, Paint QBE601
Degreaser 68B37103
Degreaser MILC83754
Head, Cleaner Machin 27
Adapter Set, Test 25-41251-1
Holder Assembly, Freon Compressor 268039
Repair Kit, Hydraulic Hose Assemb MILR45567
Gun, Air Blow 247010
Heat Gun, Electric 8U34591-01
Adapter, Mechanical Test MT-3039/URC
Fixture, Jacking 510695-1
Parts Kit, Refrigerant Gas Leak D 23-0332
Balancer, Wheel, Nonelectric 6780J707P
Balancer, Spindle Ex 4968
Adapter, Balancer Ma 12502
Adapter, Mechanical Test 8348
Holder, Fle, Ible 6466
Adapter, Test 06640-707-1
Degreaser 30
Transport, Hydraulic M4-6
Gun, Air Blow 7184B
Can, Plunger, Flammable Liquid 120-4355
Undercutter, Armature Mica, Electr E159
Adapter, Mechanical Test MDE321365-301
Separator, Oil And Water, Spray Gu 670990
Holder, Maintenance Fixture, Multi LM202-112
Tray, Shop Maintenance 2571239
Tray, Shop Maintenance BUWEPSDWG2571240
Tray, Shop Maintenance BUWEPSDWG2571241
Tray, Shop Maintenance BUWEPSDWG2571242
Tray, Shop Maintenance 2571244
Cleaning Machine, Fuel Can And Dr MILC11071
Tester, Hose, Pressur DT65200
Adapter, Test A06G1335-1
Maintenance Platform 5826108-1
Gun Body, Sand Blast 47A4
Air Jet 47AZB
Cup, Sand Mixer 47J1
Glass Screen 44DA18
Ball, Float 440-5
Cleaner, Pressure, Solvent-water 202
Parts Kit, Pressure Jet Steam Cle 3813
Flow Control Kit 3814
Nozzle Gun Kit 3815
Coil And Shell Asse 6314
Electrode Assembly 4599
Diaphragm, Air 4139
Heater, Ultrasonic 10B16-001
Booth, Spraying 61SCH7435
Valve, Air 204-953
Arm Assy, Cleaner Ai VS127
Glove, Protective, Cleaner 926009
Glove, Protective Cl 926010
Alignment Kit, Proje 18-07021-0000
Degreaser 0P2-72
Cleaning System, Son SEC1825
Cleaning System, Son SEC1420
Test Station, Pneumatic System Co 8565556
Degreaser SEC48
Adapter, Mechanical Test 10D44
Spray Outfit, Paint 4017S
Gun, Air Blow 1840PT
Vulcanizing Plate, R 4032010039PC4S3
Vulcanizing Mold, Rubber Covered 4032010039PC1S3
Valcanizing Mold, Ru 4032010039PC4Q3S1S2
Vulcanizing Mold, Rubber Covered 4032010039PC1Q3S1S2
Vulcanizing Mold, Rubber Covered 4032010039PC1Q1Q2
Vulcanizing Plate, R 4032010039PC4Q1Q2
Adapter, Mechanical Test 8566021
Degreaser MT5
Tagging Device, Swit TD
Stringing Sheave, Un WSYXS100
Tool Kit, Lever Lift 5800-93
Vulcanizing Kit D29003
Heating Element 10-1928-3
Intake Louver E22238
Gun, Air Blow 196-16
Degreaser 50308-10110
Piston, Charging Gun 9365-21
Plate, Charging Gun 9365-22
Cylinder, Charging G 9412-20
Bench, Flow Test, Carburetor Fuel PACC0
Stand, Maintenance, Stator 1C5710G02
Spray Unit, Airless 753WB
Coil Assy, Steam Cle 33CQ235
Handle Assy, Spray G 33HA130
Fixture, Test, Clutch 44191R258
Adapter, Boom 517AS217
Fixture, Torque Test 44191E237
Test Set, Ignition 98
Pressure Test Tool 62849

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