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Weapons Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4933

Maintenance Stands, Fixtures, And Jigs.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Target, Boresight Alignment 68D060017-1001
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon MS69B45732-104
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon MS69B45716-003A
Dummy Director, Mk1 LD414261
Sling Assembly 8430132
Tool Set, Special, Ro 5910281
Tool Set, Ordnance, R 5910278
Sling, Handling, 762m 8403378
Gage, Plug Gas Cylin 7319919
Tool Kit, Maintenanc 5910243
Bracket, Breech Ring 8390440
Protector, Assembling Concentric 8708628
Tool Set, Ordnance Ballistic And 5910488
Tool And Gage Kit, M 5910378
Tester Ignition Int 5910274
Lever, Au, Iliary, Bre 7236670
Tool, Pin, Removing A T34111
Repair Kit, Field Artillery Maint 5702931
Tool, Rifle, Bolt Assembly 7791607
Generator Assembly 2258112
Extractor, Roller Pu 66C45905
Guide, Roller Puller 66C45663
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon 905D589
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon 905D590
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon 905D588
Target, Boresight Alignment MDE322011-301
Ball And Spring Kit 5910578
Fixture, Barrel Remo 11010032
Boresight Group, Ali E13723
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon 905D581
Electrical And Hydraulic Weapons 5911148
Handle 7305413
Lock 7306689
Keeper Assembly 4933-082-0128
Box, Welded 8100889
Adapter, Gun, Oil Fil 4933-087-1267
Fixture, Proof, Fire 7273976
Counter, Preset 514F
Conditioner, Signal FR1016A
Panel, Console 105-2
Drawer, Electrical Test Set Adapt 902634-002
Brace, Support 8437479
Gage Set, Direct And General Supp 8436769
Clamp, Drill, Templat 8449125
Sight, Bore, Breech 7238965
Compressor, Recoil Srring 8390306
Adapter, Compressor 8390317
Gage Set, Pressure A 8408947
Adapter And Streamer Assembly 11686402
Boresighting Equipment, Weapon 4180508-1
Ratchet Assembly 114C2789
Fixture, Holding E13585
Fixture, Holding E13586
Adapter, Sleeve 10554078
Floodlight, Portable 406735
Tape, Pressure Sensi 626403-15
Support Assembly, Lo 626403-403
Strap, Azimuth Gage 8445203-5
Boresighting Equipment, Weapon 116C3298
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon 101D4287
Cable, Remote Contro 550907
Control Assembly, Test Stand 8445207
Adapter, Boresight 33-90016
Screw, Sealing 2265928-7
Test Set, Control 216-01351-1
Amplifier, Test Set 600583
Test Set, Electrical Circuit, Rock 8448038
Module, Checkout Box LC325
Adapter, Solder Cup 8446260
Fixture, Checking, Guide Bar Housi 189F485
Body, Boresight 3005072-1
Tube, Boresight 200990
Tube, Boresight 200981
Eyepiece, Boresight 200982
Target Assembly, Boresight Alignm 53E060084-1
Key Assembly, Side Door, 40mm Gun 7132221-10
Check Set, Resolver Alignment, Cup 11679096
Test Set, Electrical Circuit, Rock TS2875AWM
Tool Set, Depot Maintenance 5911114
Extractor And Ramming Tool 11578436
Boresight Adapter Kit 8444026
Adapter, Gun Handling 8444095
Adapter, Tool Trunio 7265626
Replacer, Drive And Pinion 8390324
Replacer, Bushing 8390326
Boresight Assembly E13723-101
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon ELA7579
Maintenance Fixture, Weapon ELA7756
Sight, Bore, Breech 8769066
Reamer Assembly 8769912
Arbor, Support, Aft 11838622
Bar, Lifting 11838630
Spacer, Hoist 11838626
Block, Slide 11838638
Bracket Support, For 11838632
Plate, Retaining, Gun 11838635
Slide Assembly, Fixt 11838636
Plate, Fixture, Feede 11838614
Pin, Timing Lock 11838608
Case Assembly, Check 11838612

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