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Lubrication And Fuel Dispensing Equipment - FSC 4930

Hand Grease Guns; Centralized Lubrication Systems; Hydrostatic Lubricators; Oil And Gasoline Dispensing Pumps; Fuel Oil Dispensing Pumps; Hand Oilers; Grease Dispensers; Pressure Gun Attachments; Sight Feed Lubricators.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lubricator L1820
Parts Kit, Lubricant Pump 5197241
Nozzle SAF111
Pump, Cylinder Assem 02266-1103-01
Pipe, Defuel, Stub 2266-2663
Adaptor, Bottom Loading 02266-0802-01
Adaptor, Bottom Loading 02266-0802-02
Tank And Pump Unit, Liquid Dispen 68D240006-1001
Canister Assembly, Filter 02266-0107
Lubricator, Airline 07L21BD
Hydrostatic ET11774-3
Hub 14058-2
Reel Assembly, Hose C646047
Cylinder Assy, Actua 02266-2500
Reel Assembly, Hose 2-276750
Adapter, Defueling MDE323009-3
Adapter, Defueling MDE323009-5
Adapter, Pressure Fuel Servicing MDE323009-7
Vent Unit, Relief 2571243
Adapter, Pressure Fuel Servicing 12A1049-1
Body, Cycling, Valve 5-14-642-41
Throat, Venturi 5-14-639-5
Repair Kit, Lubricat 714-02
Lubricating And Servicing Unit, P 901765-1
Forward Area Refueling Equipment MIL-F-52749A
Elbow, Nozzle 9035-10
Distributor, Valve, Water Drain C4707A
Spout, Hand Oiler 203-265
Tube Sensing Assemb 6687-102
Trap, Fluid Segregat 38B3086
Screen Assembly, Flo 38D5889
Float Assembly, Flui 39B5774
Float Assembly, Flui 39D5762
Funnel, Fuel, Engine 121670
Screen, Water Segreg PA7139
Dispensing Pump, Hand Driven 40 HAND PUMP
Coupler, Air Link, Lu 200-365
Lubricant Packer, Bearing 6685
Lubricator CP5433
Greasegun, Hand 4015A
Diaphragm 11013
Manifold Assembly 5-14-514-5
Drain Assembly, Auto B808A
Lubricator 107769PC19
Stop Ring C7990
Tank And Pump Unit, Liquid Dispen 810435
Jaw, Hydraulic Coupl 46576
Dispensing Pump, Hand Driven 8003891
Nozzle, Fuel And Oil Servicing F100S
Nozzle, Fuel And Oil Servicing F100R
Lubricant Packer, Bearing 102929
Gear, Drive A5185
Adapter, Straight A2835
Pump, Gasoline, Hando 620B
Hose Assembly, Oil Line B4196
Hose Assembly, Oil Line B3135
Oiler PC1121
Oiler PC1141
Lubricator D2221
Spout, Hand Oiler SP0UT
Roller, Compound Lev 5252H
Head, Pump 25DC2D
Cap, Front Bearing 008-0140-00-3
Reel Assembly, Hose N3100LH
Flange And Pipe Assembly 500386
Filter, Bottom 500355-1
Holder, Filter 101407-1
Monitor, Liquid Fuel 900419GNG230
Nozzle, Fuel And Oil Servicing 2304-0074
Lubricating And Servicing Unit, P MILL10269
Head, Stop, Liquid Fu 506301-1
Pipe, Inlet Refuelin 507033-1
Coupling And Adapto 151J60
Basket, Strainer 50603C
Lubricator, Airline L74C6APQPN
Cup, Piston 97-3
Lubricating Unit Po 334600
Cover, Pumping Module 113697
Fuel Servicing Unit, Aircraft, Tra 6687-001
Tank And Pump Unit, Fuel Dispensi MILT40136
Dispensing Pump, Hand Driven 4253K4
Pumping Unit, Pressure Lubricatin 711H4
Cap Assy, Drain 810737-G1
Fuel Unit Support Assembly MDE323009-1
Lubricating Gun, Hand 5124-111-001
Oiler, Hand 66
Float Assembly, Air 40014
Valve Reed, Air Elim 9-4054-80-170
Packing Ring, Hose R 7
Valve Seat Assembly 40016
Adapter, Lube Fitting 123GT10086
Gun, Grease 196-25
Pump, Lubricant Transfer 82050
Pump, Lubricant Transfer 82686
Plate, Hold Down 13217E7162
Tank And Pump Unit, Fuel Dispensi 36W50
Tank And Pump Unit, Fuel Dispensi 2938
Ring, O 5
Ring, O 29
Filter Set FFUE10E

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