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Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4925

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, For Maintenance And Repair Of Ammunition Items; Adapters, Ammunition Feeders And Hoppers; Inspection And Holding Fixtures; Linkers, Linkers-delinkers, And Delinkers To Assemble And Disassemble Ammunition Belts; Surveillance Ovens; Explosimeters; Primer Firing Device Fixtures; Mandrels; Repositioning Machines; Gas Bomb Service Kits; Test Fixtures; Panels; Plug Assemblies; And Test Sets For Ammunition Maintenance, Checkout And Repair.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Test Equipment, Maintenance HS020005-001-00
Thermostat Control And Heating E 0511410-1
Linker-delinker, Hand 7791394
Maintenance Kit, Nozzle KMU230E
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 8U32596-01
Test Set, Safety And 8U33569-02
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance ETU64E
Adapter, Rotating, No ADU148E
Slide Assembly, Pivo 64A16C120
Linker-delinker, Hand 7793340
Slide Assembly, Stat 64A16C110
Test Assembly, Lag 886994
Wrench, Fuze 713485
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 363790-9
Repair Kit, Nozzle I 364201-9
Tester, Rocket Circu 0P1742
Tool Set, Clamping, Nozzle TLU227E
Head Swivel, Nozzle 366622-9
Seal And Support Subassembly 366625-9
Stand, Maintenance, Rocket 359587-19
Installation Kit, Nozzle 8U32511-02
Indicator, Nozzle F14220-3
Nozzle Alignment Kit 364125-19
Tensiometer, Dial Indicating, Prem 361092-29
Harness Assy, Rocket Motor 12C00361-001
Nozzle Kit, Coplanarity 382517-9
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 368854-9
Console, Pressure Test, Nozzle 368856-9
Repair Kit, Nozzle Insulation 368815-9
Inserter Remover Tool, Battery Fi 63C56584
Clamping Kit, Nozzle 8U38861-01
Bonding Kit, External 8U38865-01
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 8U38967-01
Filling Kit 1873863
Test Set, Electrical Circuit 8800950
Wrench, Arming, Mine 82-15-61
Nozzle Deflection, Target 8205-3
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 8U34519-01
Linker-delinker, Powered 11010145
Locating Fixture, Actuator Bracke 368855-9
Gage, Master, Calibra CLU38E
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 368853-9
Sling, Nozzle, Rocket 382520-9
Disassembly Fixture 8U33226-01
Adjusting Tool, Popp 8U33225-01
Crimping Tool, Evacu 8U33232-01
Adapter, Re-entry Vehicle Spacer 607221-1
Indicator, Digital 2639726
Maintenance Cradle Assembly 66F37749
Lifting Bar, Tilt Fi 8844-1
Jack, Rotating Adapt 8207-49
Truck, Hand Lift 1568046
Shop Equipment, Ammunition MXU213M
Locating-machining 8841-005
Alignment Set, Nozzl CLU31E
Puller SK1701PC0017
Test Set, Cable Assembly 67D29154
Wrench, Fuze Lug 20146
Modifications Kit AS6684
Set, Test 180385
Test Set, Mine G91097100
Test Set, Mine LD139384
Test Set, Mine LD130040
Test Set, Mine G91128100
Tool Set G93001500
Tool Set G93005000
Tool Set G93006010
Tool Set G93053000
Anchor, Hose Restraining 742698-1
Bracket, Cable Restraining 742697-1
Lubricator-resizer P2019795
Shop Equipment, Ammunition UNIVERSALPR0GRESS1VE
Test Set, Continuity, Igniter Circ 68C33062
Molding Tool, Nozzle 8U34596-01
Injector Assembly 010-42964
Stripper, Rear 68C33250
Stripper, Front 68C33249
Linker Guide, Front 68C33242
Cartridge Guide, Rea 68C33251
Tray, Chain Conveyor 68F33143
Chain Assembly, Conv 0A21-61033
Tube, Plunger 68C33194
Guide Stud 68B33219
Stud, Plunger 68C33193
Relay, Adjustable Ti 1U80322-02
Thread Former Assem 8U41621-01
Guide, Front, Link An 68C33244
Guide, Rear, Link And 68C33245
Sling, Rocket Motor 1146521
Plug Assembly, Test 968712-801
Panel, Test Set 968739-1
Bag, Carrying, Test S 968737-1
Plug, Nozzle, Motor 1128321
Linker, Hand 2655729
Retainer, Mirror 702802-1
Block, Plate Assembly 703063-2
Plunger, Target Simulator 704133-1
Connector And Filte 713588-1
Pure Air Supply, Tes 1249K48700
Test Stand Set, Rocket Motor 1104219

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