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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4920

Maintenance Stands Designed For Support Of Aircraft Assemblies During Repair Or Overhaul; Test Stands And Test Equipment Specially Designed For Maintenance And Repair Of Aircraft Components Such As: Engines, Generators, Hydraulic Systems, Armament, Automatic Pilot, Fire Control, Flight Control, And Navigational Systems.
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube-pneumatic Sign 7494ITEM1
End Cap-pneumatic S 7494ITEM2
Bracket, Adjusting S 7565
Spacer, Aircraft Mou 7566
Bracket, Spring M0un 7568
Clamp, Cable-pneumat 7569
Spacer, Soleno1d Val 8953
Altimeter Assy, Pneu 8957
Test Set 936926-801
Module, Flip Flop Ci 937273-4
Module, Driver Circu 937274-5
Module, Function She 937275-5
Lead, Test Amplifier 938090-1
Lead, Test Amplifier 938090-2
Test Set 939795-802
Test Set, Special Pu 940329
Clutch 942431
Test Set 943047-1
Gasket-test Set 943219
Output Board Assy 943349
Screen-engraved 943406-1
Screen, Engraved 943406-10
Screen, Engraved 943406-11
Screen, Engraved 943406-12
Screen, Engraved 943406-3
Screen, Engraved 943406-4
Screen, Engraved 943406-5
Screen, Engraved 943406-6
Screen, Engraved 943406-7
Screen, Engraved 943406-8
Screen, Engraved 943406-9
Circuit Board Assy, 943878
Gasket, Test Set 944375
Circuit Board Assy, 944440
Circuit Board Assy, 944441
Guide, Module-module 944542
Cannister And Tape 945892-18
Plug Assy, Sh0rting 946476
Cannister And Tape 983314-2
Rate Table, Gyro Acc UG1180A2
Air Cylinder, Signal 99B5-1 1/2
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance HS7506
Contact Fork 400405-01
Contact Fork 400405-02
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance TL108550
Block, Holding, Leak TL108826
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance TL110907
Tail Stock, Open Tes TL110918
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance TL110947
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance TL110949
Test Station, Gyro TT1125
Relay Box Assembly QB96240-1
Heater Probe Assembly BH3887-40
Adapter, Check Cable BH7430
Fixture, Rigging, Ele T3391
Fixture, Test, Travel T3393
Fixture, Rigging, Ail T3392
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA30069
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 93476
Pin, Feedback Shaft Rigging 2550491
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic 93397
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA22239
Adapter, Test Stand 649753
Stand, Rate Turn Tab E2988
Cable Assy, Test Set 540SE505
Stop, Piston Integra 2550525
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550489
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550509
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550510
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic 2550511
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550521
Test Set, Hydraulic System Compon 1C2838G2
Stand, Maintenance, Aircraft Engin 1C5009G01
Test Stand, Aircraft Engine 1C3585G01
Test Stand, Hydraulic System Comp 1C3592G01
Stand, Maintenance, Aircraft Engin 1C3593G01
Test Stand, Aircraft Engine 1C3597G01
Stand, Maintenance, Aircraft Engin 1C5056G01
Test Stand, Aircraft Engine 1C5044G3
Tester, Carbon Seal 1C3584G6
Test Station, Fuel Control System 1C3596G01
Test Stand, Hydraulic System Comp 1C3591G01
Cap, Protective, Shaf 113B2784P1
Cap, Protective, Shaf 927C302P1
Coupling, Haft Posit 268320-21
Coupling, Shaft Posi 268320-23
Tape Data 272044
Analyzer Wiring 272046-1
Lock 272028-109
Lock 272028-111
Simulator Assy 272055
Master Block, Set 272062
Manifold Assy 272066
Aligner Assy 272157
Parts Kit, Cure Date 272401
Parts Kit, Cure Date 272410
Parts Kit Ci 272415
Parts Kit, Cure Date 272420
Parts Kit Field 272445
Cable Assy 115714

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