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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4920

Maintenance Stands Designed For Support Of Aircraft Assemblies During Repair Or Overhaul; Test Stands And Test Equipment Specially Designed For Maintenance And Repair Of Aircraft Components Such As: Engines, Generators, Hydraulic Systems, Armament, Automatic Pilot, Fire Control, Flight Control, And Navigational Systems.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube, Drawbar Assy 103790-9
Housing Adapter C100171-1
Reamer Bushing, Wing Pivot Fittin AAF0372-12-10-3165
Test Unit, Output Si TS2213ASM194
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 6872911
Gearbox, Power Absorber Unit S1S10-56
Valve, Adapter D100085-2
Set, Cable Compass 53E150059-305
Adapter, Retainer 178A213-4
Tow Bar 81474
Muffler C597-1811-02
Cover Panel, Connector GH15A7
Detector Assy, Radio 8030001439-1
Switch And Circuit A310037
Setting Gauge Kit C309221
Extension, Gauge SE27
Ball Anvil, Standard RD10-95
Superheater Tool AA-400-65
Cable Assy, Test Sen 3-76354-1
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 272-4700009-2
Block, Connector 1030828
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 589-102001-11
Block, Surface STD63671
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance STD63519
Drift STD63468
Guide, Seal, Cover STD63469
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance STD63598
Fixture Assembly STD64395
Fixture, Assembling, STD64504
Fixture, Shimming, Co STD64505
Clamp, Bellows Assem STD64530
Fixture, Test, Pump STD64532
Fixture, Test, Travel STD64539
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance STD64541
Fixture, Test, Travel STD64550
Fixture Assy, Select STD64555
Fixture Assy, Bell C STD64557
Fixture, Leak Test STD64564
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance STD64570
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance STD64572
Adapter, Pressure Ta STD64590
Cover, Test STD64779
Fixture, Alignment, F STD64500
Fixture, Lapping, Val STD64566
Fixture, Shimming, Va 75P-35
Cover, Standpipe STD64841
Fixture, Assembling, LTCT320
Fixture, Assembling, LTCT322
Pick-up Modificatio 153-51
Servo Conditioner M 7950133
Module, Diode 7700118
Capacitor Tester 1224
Indicator, Stop MDE32593-11
Indicator, Link MDE32594-19
Bar, Indexing MDE32787-13
Wrench, Locknut Acce STD63426
Puller, Valve STD63931
Fixture STD64840
Fixture, Shimming, Go STD64877
Bar, Alignment Check 810174
Suction, Adapter 200491-3D22
Cover, Passage Bridg STD62528
Fixture, Simulator STD62526
Adapter, Test Screen STD64591
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance STD65607
Fixture, Alignment, S STD62536
Radial And Thrust Bearing Assemb LTCT10071-01
Converter, Simulator CV1367AS
Test, Pilot And Stat VPT10FS12116
Manifold, Adapter Pl 76036T1
Test Set, Torpedo Co B203
Test Kit, Bomb Bay S 926286-101
Grid Assy 2476-29
Probe Assembly, Dete 1124-51600
Network Assy 1124-51940
Probe Assy, Detector 1124-51990
Stylus Assembly, Analog 346536
Stylus Assembly, Receiver 342486
Timer, Recorder RA2101-10A
Adapter, Calibrator 270181
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance TX12450
Bellmouth Assembly, Engine Test F 21C2733G001
Indicator, Fuselage, Forward Level 124M072-1
Indicator, Alignment Equipment 124M073-1
Component Card Asse 27127
Test Set, Control 664020
Panel, Control 664046
Controller, Stimuli Selector A11382-002
Probe, Pressure And Temperature 284542-1-1
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic 69C34786
Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance 21C1116G001
Adapter, Test 11-6107
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance LTCT496
Alignment Tool, Shaf S6170-35455-1
Fixture, Bushing, Bri STD64954
Tool Kit, Bearing, In LTCT1106-01
Installation Tool, S LTCT1103
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA17125
Template, Engine Maintenance, Airc PWA17148
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA17123

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