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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4920

Maintenance Stands Designed For Support Of Aircraft Assemblies During Repair Or Overhaul; Test Stands And Test Equipment Specially Designed For Maintenance And Repair Of Aircraft Components Such As: Engines, Generators, Hydraulic Systems, Armament, Automatic Pilot, Fire Control, Flight Control, And Navigational Systems.
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Test PWA12639
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300629-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300632-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300635-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300642-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300640-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300641-5201
Adapter Kit, Test 3300013-5201
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA50684
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA24649
Clamp Assembly, Fixture 1C6225P07
Clamp Assembly, Fixture 1C6225P08
Torque Handle, Fixture 1C6227P19
Torque Handle, Fixture CL630TSAN
Electrode, Fixture 1C6236P07
Locator, Fixture 1C6238P06
Locator, Fixture 1C6238P08
Heater Assembly, Fan Stator Vane 9427M39P06
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 53E150545-1
Cable Assembly Set, Electrical 2672
Generator, Special 247ASC0838-003
Adapter, Test Set 200042 IAW 0007492
Power Unit, Hydraulic S6170-65043-042
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300605-5201
Adjuster, Endshake 3300607-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300608-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300609-5201
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 3300611-5201
Lock, Plate And Gear Assembly 3300615-5201
Screen, Panel, Cooler Air Inlet 81669-5
Door Assembly, Left Side, Cabin An 80830
Amplifier, Differential 247ASC0805-001
Amplifier, Wide Band C4607-4
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA50429
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 117D2177
Noise Suppressor System, Aircraft AF32T4
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E LT4837-01-01
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 21C6004G01
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 21C6023P01
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 21C6025G01
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 21C6045G01
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 21C6048G01
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 21C6074G01
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 21C6082G01
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 21C6083G01
Clamp, Ring, Turbine Wheel 21C6083G02
Fixture, Hydraulic System Compone T2578600-1
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance T2578600-10
Suction Pipe Assemb 949-1
Cover, Suction Pipe 949-2
Parts Kit, Wash Gun 949-14
Filter Adapter Assy 949-15
Filter Cylinder 949-16
Coupling Assy 1486B
Test Set, Micromatch 3926-23100
Role Plug Assy WEC103291
Unitor Assy WEC103292
Bridge Board Assy WEC103059
Loading Board Assy WEC123233
Relay Board Assy WEC103089
Self Check Board WEC103049
Delay Board Assembl WEC103039
Stepper Board Assy WEC103029
Output Gates Assy WEC103069
Carry Pulse Board WEC103109
Isolation Supply WEC103227
Detector Board Assy WEC102999
Test Extension Asse WEC113304
Extension Collar MLS807B13
Cable, Self Check WEE103290
Cover, Special 0120246
Power Unit WEC102962
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA50528
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA50529
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA50747
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 21C6019G01
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance T2578600-12
Fixture Assembly, Holding, Interfa T2578600-13
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic T2578600-14
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic T2578600-19
Fixture, Hydraulic System Compone T2578600-3
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic T2578600-6
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance T2578600-7
Chuck, Headstock, Turbine Shaft PWA14715
Chuck, Tailstock, Turbine Shaft PWA14716
Block, Locating, Turbine Shaft PWA14717
Capsule And Pin Assembly 23661
Fixture, Fuel Nozzle TL0076-100
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 1C6354G01
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 1C6354G02
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 1C6354G03
Distributor Assembl 105227-000
Test Box, Refueling Nozzle C500051-1
Coupling Assembly 951-22
Suction Pipe Assy 951-28
Rectifier, Modified A152130-1
Rectifier, Modified A152130-2
Suppressor, Interfer B156134
Tester Accumulator C1500
Valve, Block GMA54519

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