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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4920

Maintenance Stands Designed For Support Of Aircraft Assemblies During Repair Or Overhaul; Test Stands And Test Equipment Specially Designed For Maintenance And Repair Of Aircraft Components Such As: Engines, Generators, Hydraulic Systems, Armament, Automatic Pilot, Fire Control, Flight Control, And Navigational Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Voltage Sensor 943887
Test Set, Synchro 7873290-001
Computer, Access Cov 7873157
Horn Assembly 1019-393179-9
Oven Assembly 60750
Test Set ANAIM3A
Adapter Kit, Low Pre 5559635-503
Hose Assy, Test Cell 518D546G1
Hose Assy, Test Cell 518D546G2
Hose Assy, Test Cell 518D546G3
Hose Assy, Test Cell 518D546G4
Hose Assy, Test Cell 518D764G2
Hose Assy, Test Cell 518D764G3
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 518D578G1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 518D584G1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 518D579G1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 518D583G1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 518D585G1
Bracket, Vibration, T 518D548P13
Bracket, Vibration, T 518D548P12
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 518D573G2
Arm Assy, Lift, Thrus 180801-35
Arm, Support, Thrust 180801-36
Torsion Bar, Special 180801-30
Torsion Bar, Special 180801-31
Arm, Support, Thrust 180801-411
Arm Assy, Lift, Thrus 180801-410
Lock Assy, Torsion B 180801-404-1
Valve Assembly, E, Te 340213
Plug Assembly, Test MDE321026-303
Plug Assembly, Test MDE321027-303
Duct Assembly, Air S F71415
Toroid Assembly X514059
Plate, Retaining 6799768
Hose Assembly, Compu 272176
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA17180
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA15344
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA17720
Motor And Bracket Assembly 746944
Amplifier Assy, Reco 13-5511-20
Indicator Subassemb 142700-01-01
Indicator, Subassemb 142700-02-01
Test Set, Fuel Quant 215-01031-1
Blade Track Kit, Har 4920CH47-003-1
Fixture, Test, Valve 906016-11-65H3
Lever, Slave 21C2222-519
Rod 21C2222-520
Switch Assembly, Dis 162D19A
Adapter Set, Fuel System 6-76009-1
Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance 6-76014-1
Capacitor Divider Assembly TS-1955/URC
Valve And Stem Assy FU2291
Antenna Test 3817623
Signal Sampler HXA40
Board, Extender 3134866
Checking-filling Un S1670-15000-1
Transmitter, Throttle Position 931A331G1
Indicator, Position, 1C2994-19G2
Cable Assembly, Spec 1C2994-4G1
Tester, Aircraft Accelerometer UG1180D1
Test Set, Flight Control System UG1179E1
Amplifier, Driver 586700-1
Component Module 700151
Jack Tester Assy CH1097
Plate Assy, Split 107E5915-8
Pretension Tool 14935
Screen Assy, Bellmou PWA14410
Accessory Kit, Calib 53E150331-1
Punch Assy, Tape C8022
Probe, Pressure&temp PWA14512
Nozzle Assy, Turbine PWA22308
Adapter, Test 1124-50950
Adapter, Engine, Rota LTCT1255
Signal Sampler, Coa, HXA42
Inlet Cowel, Dummy F52628-500
Indicator, Position LAM7077P3
Panel Assy, Resistan 9849007-74G1
Controller, Pressure 4160R
Crystal Assy, Test S 13-6924
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA8170-31
Pump, Air, Vacuum Or 2410536
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550512
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550514
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550516
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 2550520
Plate, Adapter, Torqu 284453-1-1
Valve, Dummy, Unfeath 284454-1-1
Plate, Orifice 284459-1-1
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 284478-1-1
Holder, Maintenance Fixture, Multi 284480-1-1
Clamp Set, Holding, S 284496-1-1
Cover, Torque Calibr 284566-1-1
Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 284572-1-1
Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 284680-1-1
Lock, Bear Train 284689-1-1
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic 284761-1-1
Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic 285061-1-1
Dummy Shaft, Holding 285158-1-1
Dummy Carrier, Beari 285160-1-1
Amplifier, Test Set 9873

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