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Motor Vehicle Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4910

Automotive Lifts; Wheel Aligners; Brake Service Equipment; Tire Maintenance And Repair Equipment; Test Stands And Test Equipment Specially Designed For Use With Motor Vehicles.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spreader, Car Hood S SM260
Sling, Engine And Transmission, Mo 11643469
Clamp Assembly, Towbar 7357997
Collar 810130
Plate Assembly, Cup Puller, Wheel 64D33096-9
Plate, Cup Puller, Wheel Bearing 64D33098-7
Plate, Cup Puller, Wheel Bearing 64D33098-9
Plate, Plunger L545
Clip, Plunger L544
Chevron L527
Chevron L526
Chevron L525
Chevron Set L109
Shoes, Centering L608
Stand, Universal 6797352
Adapter, Pulley, Test Stand 13217E1056
Base, Tire Changer, Vehicle Mainte 7033545-10
Kit, Valve Seat Grin 985
Roller, Tire Bead Breaker 8137-11
Bearing, Tire Bead Breaker 8137-13
Cylinder, Tire Bead 8137-15
Adjuster, Tire Bead 8137-16
Finger, Tire Bead Breaker 8137-21
Adjuster, Tire Bead 8137-25-1
Adjuster, Tire Bead Breaker 8137-25-2
Pad, Spacer, Tire Bead 8137-27
Pan, Drain S6167-62617-1
Analyzer, Engine AFC
Tank, Testing, Radiator And Fuel T 7550226
Cleaning Tool, Spray J-8169-03
Adapter, Cylinder Compression Tes J7915-03
Bleed Hose Assy 65700-65072
Demounter, Pneumatic Tire 5182-010
Guard, Safety, Tire Inflation 64E33077
Tester, Hydrostatic ST0101200
Pan, Drain 851133
Boring Machine, Cam And Main Bear TA14
Vulcanizer, Plate, Inner Tube 150
Cleaner And Tester, Spark Plug F600E
Gage, Road Wheel Plate B6146
Sling, Lifting, Final Drive 10914179
Lifter, Road Wheel 10914180
Inflator-gage And Hose Assembly 8742115
Gage Assembly, Injec 7AD6D3087APC112
Gear, Tire Bead Brea 8137-14
Grinder, Diesel Nozz FMT1
Jack, Dolly Type, Hydraulic 21C2686G003
Towbar Assembly 8007
Storage Box, Tool 65F34100-1
Wheel, Grinding HT11215-S
Wheel, Grinding J6390-3
Wheel, Grinding J6390-4
Stand, Overhaul J-9389-04
Wiper, Ram 5033-25
Hose Reel, Air, Heavy Duty 2412
Tester, Internal Combustion Engin VPT212-1
Test Stand, Governor 250159
Gap, Spacer 5612132
Jack, Dolly Type, Hydraulic N0867
Test Stand, Automotive Generator 301SERIESG
Engine Lift Transpo AME26-22
Jack, Dolly Type, Hydraulic 1C5654G03
Bail Assembly, Conta CL76
Jack, Air Operated 93689
Shop Equipment, Radiator SC4910-95CLA76
Pilot, Valve Seat Refacing E453
Pilot, Valve Seat Refacing ST66-3
Cylinder, Hydraulic, 663193
Pump And Motor Assy GC3510KAC20-5
Spacer, Seal A6790
Socket, Coupling A6571
Stand, Radiator Test And Repair 35A
Kit, Diesel Engine D J9531-B
Disk, Drive 67-0033
Nozzle Set 67-0102
Hose 67-0094
Balancer, Vehicle Wheel 3166
Kit, Regulator Servi 5963
Cleaning Tool, Spark Plug CL274
Stand, Radiator Test And Repair 70A
Test And Repair Ass TCR300
Sling, Power Plant 10913779
Fixture, Backlash Setting 8355779
Jack, Dolly Type, Hydraulic 93731
Filler And Bleeder, Hydraulic Sys M83766
Grinding Machine, Cylinder Head 561
Tester, Condenser, Va 20F
Tester, Distributor 140F
Tester Gage GT1
Lead, Electrical 7387489
Test Set, Generator And Voltage R MILT10308
Tester, Fresh Water AY833
Tool Kit, Transmissi 8708747
Fixture, Stator And Cam Roller 8390000
Alignment Tool 8389997
Thimble 8708642
Tool Kit, Self-prope 8708754
Tool Kit, Self-prope 8708755
Tool Kit, Self-prope 8708752
Tool Kit, Self-prope 8708753

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