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Valves, Nonpowered - FSC 4820

Automatic Nonpowered Valves; Gate, Globe, Angle, Check, And Relief Valves; Cocks.
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Valve, Safety Relief 9629 3-8 90
Valve, Safety Relief 1213 3-4 10
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 3124RA1L1
Seat, Valve 002-0041-90
Valve, Check 2621-927-11ASSYIA 1IN
Stem, Valve 845-2007654P11
Valve, Safety Relief 213559
Internal Assembly, Valve 150308L1
Stem, Valve SS845-2180906PC5L1
Stem, Valve 845-2050967PC27
Valve, Safety Relief 658074-3
Wrench, Propeller 569-4301-1191326ALT1PC400
Valve, Blocking AR124M0DIFIED
Disk, Valve 571-4900-1302805REVAPC2
Stem, Fluid Valve 389627PCB3
Disk, Valve 4276-35REVBPC12
Disk, Valve 4276-35REVBPC13
Disk, Valve 4276-35REVBPC14
Seat, Valve 234120
Disk, Valve 14500614
Seat, Valve N671PC26
Seat, Valve 576-4824-1506673REVAPC4
Seat Assembly, Valve 586-153-1720893REVALINE4
Disc Assembly 4801-473670PCDISCASSY
Disk, Valve 54101-58-84PC4
Disk, Valve 5119-4824-3800PC3-85501
Disk, Valve 4824-935027PC4-5-8T011
Stem, Fluid Valve 417-4903-68706ALT16PCD3
Disc Assembly, Seal 4808-984163ALT1PC3-18
Seat, Valve 25863ALT11PCV3
Seat, Valve 490364ALT12PCV3
Seat, Valve 490365ALT12PCV3
Seat, Valve 25867ALT10PCV3
Disk, Valve 490369ALT9PCD
Disk, Valve 569-4903-1191478ALT2PC8
Disk, Valve AGSS569S4903-1191478PC9
Disc, Valve 2100-935082PC5
Stem, Fluid Valve 75D103
Disc, Valve 563-4824-932497ALT5PC3-4-21
Disk, Valve 4800-1439002ALTAPC4
Disc Assembly, Valve 7099
Disk, Valve 1-15120
Seat, Valve CC1213
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 9-23084-3
Slide, Directional Control Linear 834812
Guide, Spring 1653-622997
Valve, Check L53300-24BB
Cock, Poppet Drain GV500MH1
Valve, Check L53300-20FF
Valve, Check L53300-20FB
Valve, Check L53300-20BB
Valve, Check GV500LU4SSK
Valve, Check L52200-16FSK
Valve, Check GV500LU16MF
Seat, Valve 283954
Valve, Vent CV720C
Disk, Valve 4404
Disk, Valve 17K3
Sleeve, Directional Control Linea 731286PC2
Valve, Check 1339237PC4
Valve, Check VC207
Seat Assembly, Valve 8K1
Valve, Regulating, Temperature 698-T0532C
Valve, Ball 810-1385901
Valve, Restrictor Check K1251MD6-18
Valve, Safety Relief CT10B20
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 2155-189
Gagging Device 810-2178000PC12T018SH1
Valve, Globe 2621-925-11ASSY1AL1
Disk Stem Assembly 810-4384536-82B36
Glyd Ring 60115P016
Parts Kit, Valve 70355
Valve, Check 445-4601-4FIGV4903
Valve, Angle DD692S4810-16
Valve, Angle DD692S4810-16
Valve, Angle DD692S4810-16
Valve, Stop And Stop Check DD445S5103-41RHVALVEB0DY
Valve, Flow Control C81-56-30
Seat, Valve AS144355P30
Valve, Check 731114PC2
Valve, Flow Control 1339509PC2
Cock, Drain AC4257-A
Float, Valve 801E5834
Valve, Safety Relief 890513-01
Valve, Safety Relief 48A
Parts Kit 516
Parts Kit 800K
Parts Kit 216
Seat, Valve 162682-1
Seat, Valve 162642-2
Seat, Valve 162652-2
Valve, Globe 803-2177934-B416
Valve, Ball SS845-2050575ASSYATL1
Disk-guide, Valve 075455A0
Valve, Globe 1620 1-4IN
Valve, Angle 2640-602ASSYEL1
Valve, Angle 2640-602ASSYT1-4IN
Valve, Angle 2640-602ASSYV1-2INL1
Valve, Angle 2640-602ASSYWL1
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure CD22690NL1

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