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Valves, Nonpowered - FSC 4820

Automatic Nonpowered Valves; Gate, Globe, Angle, Check, And Relief Valves; Cocks.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Seat, Valve 5A16
Disk, Valve 145-00321
Valve, Angle 27650
Valve, Globe F30B
Valve, Safety Relief 10177850
Disk, Valve 564A221P2
Seat, Valve V15297
Seat, Valve 19549N
Disk, Valve DD3099PC37
Disk, Valve DD3098PC37
Spring Assembly, Valve 650AND68731AND68732
Seat, Valve 206-18-640
Seat, Valve 206-33-660
Disk, Valve 2815274
Valve, Restrictor Check 665200-2
Disk, Valve 665597-3-2
Disk, Valve 664411-1
Disk, Valve 664412-1
Valve, Safety Relief 1008520-6
Valve, Globe G80I100CDSW
Valve, Globe G80I25
Valve, Y H3307741REVFFIGW1-276-2TSSCH80
Valve, Check 203C6PTC600B
Seat, Valve 73391
Disk, Valve D26267
Valve Assembly ANM89491 1
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 892319-01
Disk, Rupturable 77BSB271SIZE1-2IN
Disk, Rupturable A3097-5-9
Valve, Globe 07796-0319
Valve, Globe D661-1202
Seat, Valve E13059
Seat, Valve ASW433472Y12
Strainer And Cover 134B221AJPC12
Valve, Lift-check 3C94063-101
Valve, Restrictor Check KC6187-6
Cock, Drain BJ1000AS4X
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 892306
Retainer V5436A
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 16235
Bearing Strip V7937
Valve, Check 488-8D1-1/4
Stem, Needle Valve 253D
Disk, Valve 4086
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 050-24190-7
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 050-24190-8
Valve, Check 564
Body, Valve IEA22450
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 12223-2
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 17461-7
Disk, Valve 025-00503
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 8041B3-8HS11
Valve, Foot 16739
Valve, Rotary, Selector H61E0108
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 8355787
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 8355773
Valve, Pneumatic Tank 7577422-001
Valve, Fluid Line 3662-7
Valve, Check 170116
Seat, Valve B7299.001.156
Valve, Globe 121A1-5
Valve, Safety Relief 670105-1
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure C2388-08
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 2388-07
Valve, Angle A-15803
Valve, Globe D661-1201
Valve, Globe D661-1232
Valve, Angle D661-1240
Valve, Safety Relief FIG189-1-2-3200
Valve, Safety Relief C0207-5
Valve, Safety Relief 2A 3/4IN 100PSI
Valve, Safety Relief A21701
Seat, Valve A21023-14
Disk, Valve A21023-13
Stem, Fluid Valve A-23353
Seat, Valve A21022-14
Disk, Valve A21022-13
Valve, Safety Relief KV23MA2165
Valve, Safety Relief C0207-4
Valve, Flow Control ZZ75FX
Valve, Safety Relief C02072
Valve, Safety Relief KV872017
Seat, Valve V7844
Valve, Ball A02PS304-1
Seat, Valve G7161-4
Seat, Valve 7074-7
Valve, Pressure Equalizing, Gaseou TA300-25-05
Valve, Y MC7657
Cock, Drain 910069
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 30A12-2000
Valve, Safety Relief 1701-5
Disk, Valve 916116
Stem, Fluid Valve 831036
Parts Kit, Vent Valve 11-954-508
Stem, Valve 10001148
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat D22256DG
Valve, Globe 138F4SSP
Valve, Check 123666-1-1
Valve, Check 15287
Valve Assembly 22276-1

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