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Valves, Nonpowered - FSC 4820

Automatic Nonpowered Valves; Gate, Globe, Angle, Check, And Relief Valves; Cocks.
Last Modified: Jan 21, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cap, Valve 005-265
Seat, Valve M11437ITEM6
Disk, Valve 8IN2-16AASRS2
Disk, Valve 3-4INM3046AS4
Seat, Valve 3-4INM3046AS3
Seat, Valve 2IN1-22AS1-5
Disk, Valve 2IN1-17AS3
Seat, Valve 2IN1-17AS4
Seat, Valve 5INL3099AS3
Disk, Valve 1INM1944-4
Seat, Valve 1INM1944-3
Disk, Valve 1INM6117-3
Seat, Valve 1INM6117-4
Disk, Valve 1 1-2INM1285-4
Seat, Valve 1 1-2INM1285-3
Valve, Safety Relief 624XB3-8-11
Valve, Relief A51E9101-1
Valve, Safety Relief 48088896
Disk, Valve 48088898
Seat, Valve 48088899
Valve, Angle N3451
Guide, Valve Stem H8538
Stem, Fluid Valve H8539
Disk And Plate Assembly DA102CPC3-4
Valve, Gate 711F 3IN
Seat, Valve P108-07-63
Valve, Safety Relief 5159B-4MP-630
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special N58066
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 58067
Seat, Valve 002-18-14-0003-0005
Seat, Valve SH12-3N18
Disk, Valve SH12-3N19
Disk, Valve SH12-3N3
Valve, Angle 6863-1KR
Valve, Safety Relief 529SSET225
Valve, Angle 1037
Basket, Steam Kettle 1120
Valve, Globe 10M058
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 11-111-048
Cock, Shutoff, Screw Stem HV20108
Disk, Valve 5INL3099AS4
Valve, Plug 323-1X8SS
Body, Valve A51H20683-11
Disk, Valve A51H10569-11
Valve Assy, Fuel 2266-1166
Seat, Valve 22512
Ball, Valve, Ported DH38741
Valve, Globe 1900FFG3-4AND10050-12
Valve, Safety Relief 1A12F640S
Seat, Valve SH12-3N25
Valve, Check 493-12B2-5
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure GS-02P-403
Valve, Safety Relief 16-006-005
Stem, Fluid Valve 414D0005C090A
Valve, Safety Relief QB10-2M10A2
Regulator Assembly, Drain 322-00009-000
Valve, Check 493-6SS2
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat P-132B
Valve, Gate 144V4312
Valve, Rotary, Selector 892436C91
Seat, Valve 002-18-10-0003-005
Valve, Safety Relief 3978-5
Seat, Valve 183937-87
Seat, Valve 146-00432
Seat, Valve 3812
Element, Thermostati P1726E
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 2422060PC3
Valve, Regulating 2266-1108
Parts Kit, Valve 05-666-2191-39
Parts Kit, Pressure Regulating Va 666-2266-04
Disk, Valve 3277233-1
Valve, Restrictor Check 95738-1
Valve, Check 1385637-032AF
Valve, Restrictor Check 1-4G
Valve, Safety Relief 5159T8EE140
Valve, Check 482-3-8B1-2
Valve, Safety Relief 3835-23
Valve, Safety Relief 3835-27
Seat, Valve 383V304
Seat, Valve 383V305
Disk, Valve 383V306
Disk, Valve 383V309
Sleeve, Directional Control Linea 383V311
Piston, Valve 383V302
Disk, Valve 383V315
Seat, Valve 383V316
Separator, Valve 383V317
Seat, Valve 383V318
Piston, Valve 383V319
Disk, Valve 383V321
Stem, Fluid Valve 406251
Valve, Flow Control 405745
Seat, Valve 002-0077-49
Valve, Cartridge, Compressor A67C1
Valve Assembly A67CN2B (CCN 34955351)
Valve, Flow Control XND18X177
Disk, Valve 80640
Valve Assembly, Manifold 6D337
Valve Assembly AH14-1153
Valve, Linear, Directional Control ES1203

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