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Valves, Nonpowered - FSC 4820

Automatic Nonpowered Valves; Gate, Globe, Angle, Check, And Relief Valves; Cocks.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Valve, Restrictor Check VR2C03-01
Valve, Plug 25-00197
Valve, Check CM5SSC1
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 2299
Valve, Check H575
Parts Kit, Ball Valve 140414
Piston, Valve 5024T16P01
Valve, Plug 20-01014
Valve, Ball MH800E1297
Valve, Plug 569374
Valve, Regulating, Temperature V46AD-1C
Valve, Check 170104
Valve, Check B32935
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 3101RA2
Valve Assembly 3101RA11
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 631C3
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 3003B1
Valve, Calibrated Flow 3Q737B
Valve, Safety Relief 31511-100
Piston, Valve 008855T
Seat, Valve 610733
Valve, Linear, Directional Control B8068
Valve, Rotary, Selector C98288
Valve, Check L6594-6
Disk, Valve 1C900037
Parts Kit, Check Valve S2003S
Disk, Valve 176A98
Seat, Valve 206-206-035-100-000
Seat, Valve 2-43307-9
Valve, Float B801-2
Seat, Valve 888066
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 342-2100-483699ALT2PCK3
Valve, Safety Relief MC7543-1
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 409370-1-1
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 32-72282-303
Sleeve, Directional Control Linea 219247
Valve, Check S4824-3157044LH
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 031A06730F056H2
Stem, Mixture Control Latch 365638
Valve, Restrictor Check K1251MD4-22
Valve, Expansion TCLEGT2015
Seat, Valve 15-381
Disk, Valve 21949
Seat, Valve 008847
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 188219PC126
Stem, Fluid Valve 40PSTL
Stem, Fluid Valve 33PTYPE316SS
Valve, Safety Relief X42306W
Parts Kit, Globe Valve SL5723PC27T032
Disk, Valve 10166
Reed, Valve, Compressor 118228PC250
Valve, Flow Control VAL191
Seat, Valve TD10ANDTG6
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 25534N
Valve, Check 022-03571
Valve, Globe 10-3661
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 24248A1
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 11-20-658
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 7-29-658
Diaphragm, Valve, Flat 14-1
Valve, Check 379 317 C1
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 538-0180-002-2
Valve, Check 2078
Valve, Check 3131663APC5T08
Valve, Check 5132238PC5T08
Valve, Check 3078NM
Valve, Safety Relief 39J915PC1
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 11251B
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 5544107PC7
Stem, Fluid Valve BB55S61-47PC19
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 11257B
Stem, Fluid Valve 2381FSH1PC17
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 10485A
Disk, Valve WW8453951SH1PC5
Ring, Body 12345A
Disk, Valve 209
Stem, Fluid Valve 2619FPC6-15
Stem, Fluid Valve W6680744SH1PC19
Ring, Body 10091A
Seat, Valve 10092A
Disk, Valve 14525A
Seat, Valve 3543FPC4
Ring, Body 12212A
Disk, Valve 11306B
Disk, Valve 2522FPC7
Stem, Fluid Valve 8097B
Seat, Valve 2436F7
Stem, Valve 2164F7
Stem, Valve 2164F9
Stem, Fluid Valve 6797CPC1
Disk, Valve 7966B
Seat, Valve 10591A
Seat, Valve 2374F51
Seat, Valve 2374F52
Disk, Valve 2374F95
Disk, Valve 3986F10
Poppet And Stem Assembly 4088F-PCS4AND17
Seat, Valve 4088FPC24
Seat, Valve 4088FPC25
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 211

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