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Decontaminating And Impregnating Equipment - FSC 4230

Last Modified: Sep 16, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stick, Measuring E5-45-948
Kit, Skin Decontamin D5-77-2150
Frame, Tacky Mat 6-200
Bag, Delousing MIL-B-50012
Decontaminating Apparatus MILD13978
Impregnating Plant, Clothing M2
Decontaminating Apparatus M3A3
Impregnating Set, Clothing, Field MILI11873
Test Kit, Clothing I YDS0PD1
Kit, Mounting, Decontaminating App 4230004701536
Plate, Clutch A3777
Cross Brush 73
Stem, Shower Valve D10748-6-2
Shower Unit, Safety Rocket Propel T2B
Decontaminating Apparatus MILD51035
Decontaminating Apparatus E5-45-2550
Shower Unit, Safety Rocket Propel 9833-1-13
Decontaminating Apparatus D5-51-269
Tank Unit, Decontaminating Appara C5-45-3183
Handle C5-51-301
Cylinder, Nitrogen-filled MILC51098
Stem, Valve B5-51-278
Container D5-51-302
Body, Cutoff 1213353
Nozzle Assembly 1244473
Tip And Insert Asse 1244472
Cap And Chain Assem 1244328
Blade, Paddle 210214
Valve Assembly, Cuto 8224
Lever, Thumb B5-51-282
Valve Assembly, Cuto 8099
Pin, Arming B5-51-290
Piercing Pin Assemb B5-51-306
Gun Assembly C43621
Repair Kit, Spray Gun A44191
Orifice And Deflector A44194
Harness Assembly A47652
Stem B5-45-3201
Decontaminating Apparatus 400A
Decontaminating Apparatus 1400SA
Pumping Unit, Decontaminating App D5-45-3233
Hose Reel 4022-17-18
Decontaminating And Re-impregnat C5-77-763
Decontaminating Apparatus MILD51091
Bolt Assembly, Hoppe B5-45-3153
Sleeve, Extension C5-45-2991
Pad, Machine Mounting B5-45-3109-1
Sleeve, Locking 033-0091-53
Cover, Assembly E5-45-3221
Pad, Machine Mounting 4-17-4
Gasket Filler Cap 10748-8A2-5
Shower, Emergency Drench 823H
Fountain, Eye And Face Wash 7760-B M0DIFIED
Shower, Emergency Drench 8600
Shower, Emergency Drench 9335 30X30 TREADLE
Tank Unit, Decontaminating Appara D5-45-2967
Eye Wash Station, Portable 7606
Chamber, Fumigating 2E960
Fan, Filter Assembly KMU-450
Blower Housing P52-5308
Decontaminating Kit, Skin D5-77-2366
Filter Unit Assembly F45102G1
Cover, Engine C5-45-3191
Adapter, Power Take-off C5-45-3164
Decontaminating Apparatus E5-51-527
Container, Decontaminating Appart E5-51-529
Static Cell, Heater Control 6979ED1-2
Shower Assembly 26043-100
Tensioner, Pump, Belt 26464-100
Shower Assembly, Decontamination 26041-100
Handle, Decontamination System 26502-1
Inner Mantle 5-45-5220
Heater Coil Assembly, Decontamina 5-45-5200
Heat Shield Assembly 5-45-5210
Casing, Heater, Outer 26202-100
Top, Heater 5-45-5205
Water Inlet Assembly 26250-100
Plate, Drain 26530-1
Bracket, Pump 26292-1
Cover, Inlet, Side 5-45-4989
Tensioner, Belt, Pump 5-45-5125
Lid, Burner Assembly 26452-1
Shower Assembly 26042-100
Support, Fan Scroll 26503-100
Drive, Fuel Pump 5-45-5255
Heat Exchanger Assembly 5-45-5234
Guard Assembly 26510-100
Hose Assembly, Exhaust 26529-100
Outlet Assembly 26270-101
Tee, Pipe Assembly 26271-100
Bracket, Shipping 26003-1
Pouch, Accessory 26004-1
Tool Box, Decontamination System 26570-100
Lid Assembly, Heat-fuel Tank 26424-100
Pump, Fuel Heater RS1012
Burner Assembly, Decontamination 26450-100
Burner Weldment 26451-100
Photocell Assembly 26470-100
Injector Assembly 26010-100
Air Vent Assembly 26475-100

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