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Refrigeration Equipment - FSC 4110

Grocery Type Display Cases; Ice Cream Cabinets; Drinking Fountains (except Portable And Stationary Types Classified In Class 4510); Professional And Scientific Refrigerators; Rivet Coolers; Photographic Refrigerators; Mortuary Refrigerators; Household And Commercial Refrigerators; Grocery Type Showcases; And Other Types Of Refrigeration Equipment Of The Commissary Or Food Store Type.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food SR14-1
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical MIL-R-12574
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, AA-R-00211 TY4SZ13GRA
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical MILR12574
Ice Cream Plant 601
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food W150M0D
Ice Making Machine, Cube CME256AS-1D/HTB250(230V)
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical MILR12574
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical DN5000A2
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical MILR13312
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 5428-101
Valve Assembly 622-10
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic 24274
Ice Making Machine, Cube CME506AS-1D/HTB555
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 071016
Refrigerator, Prefabricated WB1012C60HZ
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical RTU27G
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food KK14227C
Freezer, Prefabricated MIL-R-43900
Freezer, Prefabricated HARFORD TYIISZ4STB
Chest, Ice Storage MIL-C-11198
Ice Cream Cabinet, Mechanically R MIL-I-43385
Ice Cream Cabinet, Mechanically R MD8
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical MIL-R-12574
Ice Making Machine, Flake EMF1106AS/B100
Refrigerator, Prefabricated 8-8-8R
Refrigerator, Prefabricated KK21322
Freezer, Prefabricated US2-32 SERIES KK21698
Refrigeration Syste 123SFL50050-1
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MIL-R-10932
Ice Cream Plant 1000
Ice Cream Plant 601
Refrigerator EEP671-101
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic BB-1
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha CG13
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food GH-20-T STA
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MIL-R-10137 BASIC
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10141BASIC0NLY
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical 20220-1
Ice Making Plant, Block MILR16743GR0UP1
Ice Cream Cabinet, Mechanically R 19HCN16A1
Ice Cream Cabinet, Mechanically R 19HCN16A3
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani OO-D-00566
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani 4110-00-203-2706
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food W150
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food W150
Ice Making Plant, Block G20000S50D
Ice Making Plant, Block MILI3624
Ice Making Plant, Block Y0RK15T0N
Ice Making Machine, Flake FAM149A
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani NSF-10
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani A-A-1154 CL1STASZ20
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, FED-STD 248
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932TYPE1CLASS2
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932
Ice Cream Freezer, Power Operated NF151
Tray, Ice Cube, Refrigerator 158962-00-1
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MILR12571
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR15996CLASS1
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical MILR13312
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food QMPR28-164A
Ice Cream Plant 2-580
Icemaker-dispenser DAD058-B-S-11 W/STD
Ice Making Plant, Block MILI3624
Refrigerator, Prefabricated ARMYSPE24
Icemaker-dispenser SCD550W
Ice Making Plant, Block MILI3624
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical 801RFD
Fitting, Drain 9363
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, K2K6
Paddle, Beater 63SFG1PC24
Connector Solenoid C4524-4147
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932
Freezer, Mechanical, Food 657
Freezer, Mechanical, Food FCNE-88-461 TY2
Ice Making Machine, Flake 2000SCWB
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food SLS22TPT
Refrigerator, Electric, Portable, R ERR-6-0378(R-404A)
Ice Making Machine, Tube 1738326
Freezer, Mechanical, Food FCNE-88-461 TY1
Stand, Storage, Refrigerated N-10-RU
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical R4000
Icemaker-dispenser FD7DMS30-115VAC SZ1STYLE1
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Freezer, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Ice Making Machine, Cube N14340-1REVA
Freezer, Mechanical, Food ATJ18-50
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 03-73016
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food SS10NSCRUAC
Freezer, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food ABE2
Disk, Valve 246-65
Refrigerator, Prefabricated TYPE2CLASS1
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MILR10932TYPE2CLASS1
Repair Parts Set, Ic 503-1932088

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