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Fittings For Rope, Cable, And Chain - FSC 4030

Anchor Guys; Wire Stranded Bands; Wire Rope Clamps; Cargo Hooks; Shackles; Swivels; Rope Terminals; Rope Wedges.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shackle NAS1042-26
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 123CM10054-3
Plug, Wire Rope 8690622
Ferrule, Wire Rope 38-103-058
Shackle A51B24702-11
Sleeve 400978
Anchor, Guy 484330
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 401521
Shackle, Special BS3032T5-7T
Hook Assembly, Cargo Lashing Reel 6485-50035-041
Hook, Hoist 2624190
Wedge Cable SMA586597
Terminal, Wire Rope, Stud 3C24401-109
Terminal, Rope, Swaging CV15-416637-1
Swivel, Link And Jaw G403-5-16
Shackle 95359H
Shackle 95360H
Anchor Plate, Wire Rope Assembly 3E12021-101
Hook, Special FDA4544
Shackle SP-1069-1
Anchor, Guy SC25587B
Shackle MS20115-8
Ball End, Wire Rope, Swaging RA2487-5
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 288505
Clamp, Wire Rope, Saddled 240028PC10
Hook, Chain, S 2120808G003
Hook And Eye Assembly S1606-86047070P
Rod, Anchor J8052
Wedge, Wire Rope Socket 7367905
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope S1152309
Hook, Hoist FDA4533
Clamp, Wire Rope, Saddled FFC450
Ball End, Wire Rope, Swaging G414-8
Fastener, Bead Chain NAS1201C13A
Fastener, Bead Chain NAS1201C13B
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 2135994
Clamp, Wire Rope, Threaded FFC450
Clamp, Wire Rope, Threaded 500822
Clamp, Wire Rope, Threaded FFC450
Thimble, Rope P1100
Head, Driving MILA3962
Rod, Anchor 9154
Fastener, Bead Chain 10AN230
Thimble, Rope 5821343-21
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 5128245
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 128CM10027-1
Socket Eye 54-032ITEM7
Ball End, Wire Rope, Swaging RAL2487-047
Protector, Guy 7533
Clamp, Wire Rope, Bolted 54-016
Protector, Pole 54-051
Hook, Hoist 25
Hook, Guy 54-033
Stake, Guy G400054-1
Thimble, Rope NAS1045-12
Fastener, Bead Chain 10AD
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 4
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 6
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 8
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 10
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 11
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 3896T11
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 32
Fastener, Bead Chain 10AD125OFFSETSSPAS.CPLG
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 123CM10003-1
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 123CM10065-3
Shackle 13228E5317-4
Swivel, Link And Link G402
Fastener, Bead Chain 6AD
Shackle 3891 ITEM 107
Hook, Chain, S 671-198
Ring Assembly S6152-61059-081
Rod, Drive 793-1402-001
Rod, Drive 793-1402-002
Fastener, Bead Chain RRC271
Anchor Plate, Wire Rope Assembly 701S7500D1641748PC2
Side, Restraint, Bolt 701S7500D1641748PC3
Anchor Plate, Wire W 701S7500D1641748PC1
Shackle 3560T48
Wedge 526458K1
Swaging Sleeve, Wire Rope 871-1C
Shackle 8178
Adjuster 117CM10226-3
Barrel, Cable 121CM10065-1
Terminal, Rope, Swaging 123CM10050-3
Terminal, Rope, Swaging LCB156
Hook, Hoist BWR510-6
Protector, Guy 1357
Protector, Pole G43
Protector, Guy 0127/0R150-3
Protector, Guy 0128/0R150-45
Protector, Guy 9918R
Rod, Anchor 54-053
Hook, Bridle, Assembly 709-2481707PC3-4-5-6-7-9-17-18
Hook, Bridle, Assembly 709-2481707PC3-5-6-8-9-18
Socket, Wire Rope 421404-1
Shackle 10161914
Shackle 10158423
Plug, Locking, Detachable Chain Li 7071871
Shackle 204-031-464-001

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